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Cost of health: Life is a 100 course meal. Eat it up

My friend Heidi posted a question on her FB page that got me thinking  “If someone were to pay you one million dollars to get to your ideal weight, could you do it?” I think the answer is yes for all but a few of us, but that’s not surprising.  Just look at what people are willing to do on “Biggest Loser” and they don’t get a million dollars.  Most of them have a lot more weight to lose than the majority of us.

So if we’d be willing to get to our ideal weight for a million dollars then why don’t we just do for the things that really matter?  Our health, our family, our ability to participate in life rather than be an observer.  I think that’s the biggest thing I hear from our clients that successfully reach their ideal shape: “I love that I can now participate with my family in so many things that I was on the sidelines before”.

When are we on the sidelines of life?  When don’t we get to participate in the things we really want to do because of our weight?  My husband and I went to a relationship retreat this past weekend at a ropes course.  They had several activities for you to do that were very physically challenging.  Like rock climbing, Ziplining, a tight wire exercise that you do with your partner, and a ring jump.  There were a few couples that looked at some of the activities and because of their physical fitness they couldn’t participate with the group.  I thought it was especially sad when it was obvious one of them wanted to do the challenge but couldn’t because their partner was not physically able to.  Usually the reason that they couldn’t do it was that they were overweight.  I was grateful that my husband and I could participate in all the challenges.  It was an opportunity to do some very difficult things together and to learn more about each other and improve on our relationship.  I would have been really sad if we would have had to be an observer, instead of a participant.

How much is our health worth to us?  I couldn’t put a price tag on that experience I had with my husband this week.  As the commercial says it was “priceless”.  But I’ve heard from lots of our clients that we have helped give them their life back.  I think that’s the best compliment that we have ever received as it’s the most meaningful.  I think it’s also rewarding when we see people years later that have been able to keep the weight off.  That they really did make lifestyle changes,  not temporary changes.

The question isn’t, “how much is the cost of health for you”

It’s “what am I willing to give to get my life back?” A little effort goes a long way.

Still not convinced…?

Oh, fine, we’ll give you a cruise through the Caribbean for your efforts!

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