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Dealing with Holiday Candy

If it hadn’t already started, then today’s the day.

It’s the day where you can no longer deny that your fitness and weight loss goals are about to be put through the holiday gauntlet. Tonight your kids will come home with buckets full of candy and it will be just the beginning.

The unspoken theme of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s always seems to be “eat until it hurts.”

Dealing with Holiday candy can be a very daunting task.

Will you jump on the scale on January 1st ready for another year of resolutions that include losing those extra 15-20 holiday pounds?

Or will you start it off right?

You CAN look at the sweets, the nostalgia, and the endless binge of consumption and say, “Not this year. My health and my goals are just too important.”

It starts today.

Right now.

Dealing With Halloween Candy

Various chocolate bars in a festive pumpkin bucket

You have a cupboard where you stash the kids’ candy because being a parent and keeping your sanity means avoiding letting the kids go on a chocolate binge that leaves them sick or worse, in an insufferable sugar-fueled craze.

When your kids come home laden with Tootsie Rolls, Snickers bars, and–ugh!–candy corn, will you steal a fun-sized Reese’s because they won’t even know?

As you dole out the candy in the days that follow, will you keep sneaking a Laffy Taffy here and a Twix there?

You don’t know why you do it. You don’t even like half the stuff you’re eating, but it’s there and the 7-year-old inside remembers how amazing it used to taste.

This year, try these tips to avoid an excess of sugar in the days following Halloween!

Empty the candy bowl

Several bowls of assorted candy

The candy that you bought to distribute for trick-or-treaters needs to hit the road by the end of the night.

Whether that means giving out big handfuls to the final trick-or-treaters of the night or dumping the bowl in with the rest of your kids’ candy.

Get that temptation out of sight!

Distribute small amounts of candy but only during specific times

Never go to the candy cupboard when you’re hungry.

Instead, give the kids a small treat after lunch or dinner or maybe before family movie night. If you’ve just recently eaten a healthy meal, the temptation to grab a little candy for yourself will be reduced.

You could also try a meal replacement bar with a hunger blocker to satisfy your cravings.

Don’t Judge Yourself

A little girl being struck in the noggin with a pumpkin

Finally, when you inevitably sneak a candy or two and feel guilty–stop.

Guilt doesn’t help you be successful and having some candy isn’t the end of the world. Remember that the goal isn’t about losing weight; it’s about living healthier for the rest of your life!

And who wants to live the rest of their life without sneaking a little candy every now and then?

Kids are forgetful and when they’ve forgotten, it’s time for the trash

Have you ever opened up that cupboard months later to see a half-empty bucket of stale candy?

It’s actually pretty common because when you dole out the candy in manageable portions, kids tend to forget about it after a week.

Also, when the good stuff is gone, their desire to revisit the candy bucket diminishes. When enough time has gone by, throw out the temptation.

Keeping it around just means it will be there to catch you in a moment of weakness.


With these tips, you’ll be able to handle the coming tidal wave of holiday treats like a pro!

And always remember, we’re all human, and if you DO have a slip-up, you’re fine! You can pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and do better next time.

Have a happy holiday season!

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