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December’s Ship Shape Challenge Winner

December challenge winnerChristmas is over and New Year’s Resolutions are looming. It’s time to get motivated to get in shape, and here at IdealShape, we’re happy to help you with some incentives. Like our Ship Shape Challenge where you can get a chance at winning a Caribbean cruise for two! Or maybe you just need some awesome success stories to get yourself motivated. Well our December challenge winner, Mitch McCuistion, is here to give you the low down on his weight loss journey.

Congrats Mitch, you win cash and free product and take the 3rd of 12 slots for the IdealShape cruise entry! Remember the deadline for January’s ship shape challenge entries are due by the 15th. Keep it up guys, you’re all amazing!

At the age of 52, Mitch has achieved terrific results! Here’s his story:

“Just because I’m 52 doesn’t mean I can’t be in great shape!  Ideal Shape provided the environment where I could change my brain, change my eating habits with their simple nutrition plans, change my workout so that it included muscle confusion, interval training, intense core workouts, and a lot of fun with the program.  I went from 248 lbs to 225 lbs in 90 days and really saw some huge improvement! We amp’d up the workouts and my body responded beautifully and in 180 days was 216 lbs with 19% body fat and too many inches lost to count!  I will continue the workout programs, the nutrition plan, and make it a way of life.  Ideal Shape’s meal replacement/workout shakes are also extremely beneficial to the program.” 

Congratulations to Mitch, there’s definitely going to be some stiff competition for that cruise!

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