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December’s Ship Shape Challenge Winner: Julie Nesbit

julienesbitafterThe end of the year is here, and with many of us just beginning our plans for New Year’s weight loss, it’s a great motivation to see some of these awesome success stories that come our way.

One such story is Julie Nesbit’s who is IdealShape’s December Ship Shape Challenge winner! Julie’s story is incredible and truly an inspiration.

She, along with the 11 other winners, will be flown to Park City in 2013 and has a chance to win a 7-Day Caribbean Cruise. Without further adieu, here’s her story in her own words:

In May of 2012, at the age of 45, I completed my first college degree.  Because I was homeschooling our son, I had chosen to complete my nursing studies online, going in to the hospital twice weekly for clinicals.  The combination of my schoolwork and his homeschool meant that I spent a LOT of time sitting at a computer, and needing to keep my hands busy while I studied, I ate.

I put on 65 lbs during the three years that I was in school, and this was on top of the extra weight I was already carrying.  So, while I was proud of my educational accomplishment, I was also depressed and disgusted with myself.  I did my best to live in denial, avoiding mirrors, photographs, shopping for clothes,… I was uncomfortable always, wearing clothing that was too tight because I couldn’t bear the thought of buying bigger sizes.  However, I had to wear dress clothes for my pinning and graduation, and nothing I had that was appropriate came even close to fitting.  I headed to the mall.  With much frustration and no small amount of tears, I purchased the necessary clothing, but it didn’t make me feel professional or pretty.  I just felt big.

You need to understand, on my wedding day, 25 years earlier, I had weighed 102 lbs.  But on my graduation day, I weighed in at 215 lbs!  Something had to be done!  I had tried dieting over the past 10 years, losing 10-15 lbs at a time, and then gaining 20, or more, back.  I only lost weight for as long as my stubborness was able to battle my hunger, and it was never long enough.  And even if I had lost the weight I wanted to, I hadn’t made any lifestyle changes.  I was always going to end up where I started, or worse.

Yet, when school was finished, I was determined again to get rid of this person I didn’t even recognize.  I stepped away from my computer.  I worked outside in the yard.  I drank water instead of pop.  I ordered something healthier than I normally would have, turned away from my favorite snacks, and the weight began to come off.  But as usual, I began to run out of steam.

Several friends were using a meal replacement shake, but it was expensive and I didn’t care for the multi-level marketing that went along with it.  I began to search the web for another option, and I found Ideal Shape.  And that is when I began to get me back.

IdealShape shakes haven’t magically removed my excess weight.  What they have done for me is even better.  Because of the hunger blocker, Slendesta, I was no longer battling the cravings and the hunger.  That had always been my downfall.  At some point, I wouldn’t be able to fight any more, and I would fail.  But now, I had the support I needed to stay focused on my goal.   When I realized that I was not hungry, it excited me!  This freed me to concentrate on other areas, like exercise, something I had never done before.

I began walking…a lot.  I wear a pedometer almost every where I go.  My first goal was just to reach 10,000 steps a day, but now I try for 10,000 aerobic steps each day.  As winter neared, my family joined a nearby gym so I wouldn’t be tempted to quit.  I LOVE going now, and have even begun to add weight training.  I never could’ve imagined myself wanting to go workout, but now I hate to miss a day.  This would not have happened without Ideal Shape.  Without their support, I would’ve failed again.  I may owe them my life.

Over the past 7 months, I have lost 60 lbs!  I haven’t reached my ideal shape yet, but I will.  And I know you can, too!

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