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How to Drink More Water: Make It Taste Better Than Coke

Sure, we know that we need to drink more water. Everyone from Dr. Oz to Dr. Dre, on down to your doctor are probably saying about the same thing. Cut back on the soda, alcohol and sugar-filled drinks, and drink anywhere from 8-16 glasses of water each day.

We ALSO know that it’s hard to resist the spell-casting ads cleverly deployed by Coca-Cola and other beverage makers. Each year the soft-drink industry spends nearly $7 billion on advertising, and every penny is designed to manipulate your instincts into popping the tap, guzzling down those sweet, seductive bubbles.

Junk food is notorious for playing off your most intimate emotions to sell their products. “Drink____” and be happy, successful and loved,” they promise. Every heartwarming commercial, bright billboard, and each piece of eye-catching packaging has been cunningly crafted and focus-group tested to hi-jack your subconscious mind.

So after uncovering the billion-dollar marketing secrets of the junk-food industry, I think we’ve found the solution to our craving crisis.

Steal all their ideas, and use them on healthy water instead!

Think Like an Advertiser

The smartest minds in consumer psychology say that our subconscious mind controls it all: what we crave, what we buy, and even largely what we experience (including how things taste).

Advertisers have taken note, and design campaigns and packaging to appeal directly to your subconscious urges and instincts, as shown in AdWeek.

Why are people going berserk to protect their mega-size soft drinks in NYC? Their loyalty isn’t because of the fizz and sugar and caffeine. It’s the sexy advertising and compelling slogans and pretty labels. It’s the Coke in the hands of President Clinton and Simon Cowell.

Without all of this clever packaging, they’d probably be like, “Why am I drinking this funky, metallic-tasting, fizzy brown stuff?”

Knowing how our brains love packaging, then, it’ll be a cinch to start craving water. We can take the magic out of sugary drinks and put it back where it belongs.

Now New and Improved, Reintroducing: Water.

With a bold new look and the same great taste that your family has loved for thousands of years, we’re proud to reintroduce you to Water. Crystal-clear and smooth, Water is unlike any other beverage you’ve tried. Water is:

  • Scientifically formulated to replenish and rehydrate your body
  • Delicious served hot, chilled, frozen, or straight from the tap.
  • Portable, just pour some in a bottle, cup, or glass and take Water with you wherever life brings you.
  • Calorie-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Sugar-free
  • Free of artificial flavors or colors
  • Free of artificial sweeteners
  • Did we mention it’s FREE?

We’re proud to reintroduce you to Water, and know you’ll fall in love all over again with the classic taste you remember, and the wholesome health benefits you trust.

Now, if that pitch didn’t work on your savvy mind, here are six simple ways to dress up your H2O practically guaranteed to improve the taste of water and make your subconscious go wild.

 Ways to Want Water:

  • Put it in a Fancy Glass.Pouring Water

Have you ever noticed how water always tastes elegant and crisp at fancy restaurants? Even though it’s tap water? In blind taste tests, drinks are always voted tastier in curvy flutes and expensive goblets. So ditch the big plastic jugs with straws and upgrade your stemware. It’s time to bring the restaurant water magic home.

  • Chill it.

You’ll never be served a lukewarm, stale glass of water at a fine restaurant. Chill it. Besides, chilled water actually tastes better to our brains because the temperature-sensitive nerves in our mouths and throats get stimulated. Also try warming your water in the cold winters for the same effect!

  • Garnish it.

Add perfectly-sliced lemon or cucumber, or a sprig of mint, and voila: you have what ritzy cafés charge $8 for. Sparkling water can create those classy bubbles, and is a big hit with confirmed soda fiends.

  • Make a Ritual.

If you’re ditching your go-to-the-store ritual and your crack-the-tab ritual, you’re going to need a replacement. Set an alarm to remind you to refill your bottle several times each day. Create a schedule, and plan to reach milestones by certain times of the day so you can build it into your daily routine.

  • Reuse an Expensive Bottle.

My favorite line from the movie Reality Bites: “Evian is ‘naïve’ spelled backwards.” Of course, we’re not naïve—we know it’s the bottle, not the water, that’s special. So buy a Fiji or Evian, or splurge on this $2,900 24-karat gold bottle, filled with French, Fijian, and Icelandic glacier water. Just refill to turn ordinary tap water extraordinary, and help reduce landfill waste at the same time.

  • Give Yourself a Boost.

Sometimes you just need a boost. When you need the kick of an energy drink or the delicious taste of your favorite soda, water alone might just not be “doing it” for you. That is why IdealShape knew we had to create IdealBoost. IdealBoost is a 5-calorie, sugar-free weight loss drink that helps you to get all the health benefits of drinking water, the same energy lift as found in a cup of coffee, and the delicious fruit flavors of refreshing soda or tea. And at just the cost of a soda refill, price was never far from our minds.

Beyond that, IdealBoost contains our exclusive Slendesta hunger-blocker. Slendesta helps you to feel full for three hours, curbing cravings and eliminating the temptation to indulge in extra calories throughout your day. Just toss the slim packet in your desk drawer, car console, bag or even pocket, and mix into 12 to 16 oz. of water. Maybe use that $2,900 bottle you just invested in.

Raspberry Citrus? Pineapple Strawberry? Tropical Punch? Why choose? Each flavor helps you to learn to finally crave water and kick the sugary soda habit.

IdealBoost Weight Loss Energy Drink

Chelsea Ratcliff

Chelsea Ratcliff

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