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Could Erasing Memories Make You Happier and Healthier?

Erasing memoriesWhile the idea of just erasing memories on a whim might seem like the plot of some  Sci-Fi Movie (oooooor a romantic drama starring Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet…) it looks like science might not be too far from being able to accomplish these feats.

Basically, they’ve found a way to enhance or even erase memories using certain molecules. Which presents an interesting question. If given the opportunity to erase or enhance memories, would you jump at it?

At first, I had a knee-jerk, almost visceral reaction to the question. ‘Of course not!’ I thought to myself. ‘I am who I am because of the roads I’ve taken to get there.’

and then I took a moment to dwell on it and I realized.

‘I am who I am because of the roads I’ve taken to get here…’

As a self diagnosed socially awkward male. (I know it’s a shock that the computer guy writing about Google’d health questions and the science behind seedy sales tactics is socially awkward as well!) I realize that my past social interactions do limit my current experiences in negative ways. That one time I  haltingly asked a girl out by making a light hearted joke about her lazy eye. (there is no way to construct that sentence to make myself look like less of an awful person…) It certainly crosses my mind whenever I try to talk to a girl in general, and often leaves me stumbling over my own words.

It’s the same thing we deal with in clients who have memories of being the ‘fat friend’ of the group. It became a defining characteristic of the their life and therefore works to sabotage any fitness goals.  It becomes a matter of being healthier vs losing their identity. But the thing that most clients notice is that if we start by taking out those negative memories. it will leave you with the personality and identity that you’ve always had. You just had trouble seeing it because it was hidden beneath the ‘fat’ adjective.

So here’s the question. (A pop quiz if you will). Memory gun to your head. What would you do? What would you do?



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