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The Power of Fiber in Weight Loss

BreakfastA few weeks ago we briefly mentioned that studies showed that people eating 60 grams of fiber per day tended to pass 20% of their daily caloric intake without the calories being absorbed.

Well, the big question there was “how do I get that much fiber on a daily basis?”

60 Grams of fiber is a LOT especially considering that the average American gets only 5 grams of fiber into their daily diet. 30 Grams is where you really want to be at.

Fiber itself is any plant, sugar, or starch that resists digestive enzymes. Fiber’s major benefit in weight loss is that increases food volume without increasing caloric content, providing satiety. It’s why it’s a very important ingredient in any meal replacement shake.

So how do you get great amounts of fiber? Do you have to like bland, cardboard-like flavors as recent television commercials might have you believe? Nope.

Here’s a brief list of some of the higher-fiber items that you might see in your daily life. One of my fonder memories is when I was little eating Raspberries and Half and Half at my grandparent’s house. They picked them fresh from their garden. Who knew that I was getting a great source of fiber in those raspberries.

Along with these more natural sources, fiber is getting pretty popular in the health industry so you can find several brands marketing fiber-rich products for you. Some of them taste good, some of them less so. But it’s certainly worth a taste test.



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