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Why Fiber Prevents Diabetes and Obesity


We know that fiber has been shown to reduce obesity and diabetes, but for the most part, why high fiber diets have this kind of effect has been largely unknown:

Scientists have known for the past twenty years that a fiber-rich diet protects…against obesity and diabetes but the mechanisms involved have so far eluded them.

Well, new research from the CNRS has shown that this could be becuse of your body’s ability to produce glucose between meals.

You see, many fibers cannot even be digested by the body, and the idea that a nutrient that isn’t being absorbed could have such positive effects is a little bit weird. Well, it actually comes down to the way our body chooses instead to ferment the fiber in our bodies instead. In order to do so, it produces what are called short-chain fatty acids which are used to help your body produce glucose. There is also brain benefits:

However, glucose has particular properties: it is detected by the nerves in the walls of the portal vein (which collects the blood coming from the intestine), which in turn sends a nerve signal to the brain. In response, the brain triggers a range of protective effects against diabetes and obesity: the sensation of hunger fades, energy expenditure at rest is enhanced and, last but not least, the liver produces less glucose.

This means that fiber helps you burn more calories while sleeping, is healthy for your liver, and most of all, works as an additional appetite suppressant to keep your cravings down.

While knowing that it prevents obesity and diabetes is great information, knowing why is hugely beneficial for future research. This breakthrough could even lead to some great advances in therapeutic targets for preventing and treating obesity and diabetes.

In the meantime, keeping your diet high in fiber is going not only boost your weight loss, but help prevent the onset of diabetes! So get eating your Wheaties!

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