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Finding the Most Effective Weight Loss Program

It seems that these days we are bombarded on all sides with information on the “latest and greatest” diet craze that is “100% guaranteed” to make you lose those unwanted pounds.

The problem is, so many people fall into these traps. They believe that they will actually lose (and keep off) the weight simply by drinking a special juice or taking a pill. Sometimes these diet crazes work…. temporarily. If you want to actually keep the weight off it is best to ignore these outrageous claims made by the diet industry.

If you want to find an effective weight loss plan, you need to find one that will help you get to the root of your weight problem and then teach you how to overcome it. More than this, though, any plan you chose needs to make it possible for you to stick to the plan for the long term. This is where most of the diet plans you see on television and in stores fall short. They only address the immediate future and while they may help you lose weight in the beginning, they also make it very easy to fall off the wagon and go back to your old habits.

An effective weight loss plan must help you overcome the reasons that you are overweight in the first place. Unless you have an underlying medical condition that makes it impossible for you to lose weight, the cause of your weight problem is most likely locked in your subconscious.

Most weight loss plans fail to achieve lasting results simply because they focus on the body—the symptom of the problem, rather than the cause—the mind.

So, in order to be truly effective, a weight loss plan needs to attack the cause of the problem, eliminating not one or two symptoms but all of them—permanently. It’s much the same as curing strep throat: instead of removing your inflamed tonsils or masking the problem with a painkiller, a doctor will give you an antibiotic to eliminate the virus causing the infection. By eliminating the cause of the inflammation, your tonsils will quickly return to normal.

In light of this thought, weight loss hypnosis has been very effective as a weight loss aid because it helps retrain the brain of an overweight or unhealthy person. Hypnosis gets to the cause of the weight gain, whether it’s cravings, emotions, or even a lack of commitment. Instead of using eating as an escape mechanism as many people do, subconscious suggestions can help them replace negative thoughts and habits with effective and positive ones. Instead of eating when stressed or depressed a person can be subconsciously guided to choose some form of exercise and snacking only on healthy foods.

In the effective weight loss program developed by IdealShape, a series of self help hypnosis CDs has been created that will help any person develop the right habits that will help them make better choices. Because these techniques are learned subconsciously, the person using them will remember and implement them for a much longer period of time. By replaying the CDs they can continue to reinforce the knowledge and not only lose the excess weight, but also have a much higher chance of keeping it off for good.

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