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Lindon, Utah: Fitness Boot Camp Class Day 6

Thought of the day

Stop believing that you are the exception when it comes to weight loss.  You really can lose weight! You need to start believing that you can!  Sometimes it takes a little while to figure out why you aren’t losing weight as quickly as other people but there is enough knowledge out there to figure it out.  I am committed to you and hope you are committed enough to yourself to take care of your health.  Remember to enjoy the process.  You are getting in better and better shape everyday.  You are creating new eating habits. Your self-confidence and self-worth are growing as you learn to value your appearance and health more and more each day.

Workout for the slackers that didn’t come to the Saturday workout

Foam Rolling:

Active Stretch:

Interval Cardio: 2min at ((220-age)*.65) 2min at ((220-age*.75) repeat for a minimum 20 minutes

Monday and Tuesday Fitness Boot Camp

Foam Rolling

Active Stretch

Warm-Up: 2min at ((220-age)*.65

Interval Cardio: 2min at ((220-age)*.75 1min at ((220-age)*.65 repeat for a minimum of 15 minutes

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