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Why it pays to have a fitness buddy

02F61918Living in Siberia has me thinking about “community” a lot. People tend to congregate here. Friends and families are close-knit. People look after each other (and sit on top of each other) on the bus. It’s not uncommon to come home and find your neighbor at your kitchen table.

It’s great to have personal space and “me time” to think, but sometimes being part of the group will get you further. People here have a strong sense of how community is vital to their survival.

Social support is essential to the survival of an exercise regimen for the same reasons.

It might be easier to pop in your ear buds and hit the trails after work, but what happens on the days you’re feeling tired, or your routine starts to get old? You need a fitness buddy to keep you motivated.

Not long ago I was interviewing fitness experts about their favorite workout activities, and they kept coming back to the social aspect of the activity. Never mind how many calories you can burn in a CrossFit class or which muscle groups can benefit from Zumba. They wanted to talk about why these types of workouts are great because they inspire a spirit of community.

Bottom line: Friends who sweat together—keep sweating together.

With that in mind, how’s your fitness community looking? Are you exercising solo when you could be calling a buddy? Or working out to YouTube tutorials when you could be joining a class?

Perhaps this summer it’s time to spice things up with your friends and family. Trying something new is a great way to take advantage of the buddy system because you’ll almost need to find a “wingman” (or woman) in order to muster up the courage to go! And if your pals don’t want to go, fear of the unknown is a great way to make new friends. 🙂

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