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Fitness Schedule Day 3

Thought of the Day

Weight loss requires a complete commitment to ourselves.  The road to achieving your IdealShape will not be easy, but will become easier as you realize the benefits of healthy living.  Nutrition is what fuels our bodies and allows us to perform at high level, but improper nutrition can also undermine our goals and cause disease and sickness.  Exercise pushes our bodies to increased level of productivity and helps us maintain or gain strength and flexibility.  One without the other can severally limit our ability to accomplish our goals.  Find your reason, find your purpose for losing weight, and let that drive you.  Challenge yourself and see if you are up to the challenge.  If you care about yourself, you will take care of yourself and do whatever it takes to improve your health and lose the unhealthy weight.

Fitness schedule






Wednesday or Thursday  Fitness Schedule

Foam Rolling

Active Stretching


Active Recovery: ((220-Age)*.65) for 30 minutes

Friday or Saturday Fitness Schedule

Foam Rolling

Active Stretching

Cardio Interval

Intense Cardio: ((220-Age)*.85) for 1 minute

Active Recovery: ((220-Age)*.65) for 2 minutes

Repeat Interval 5 Times

Additional Workout

20 minutes of active recovery

Friday or Saturday Resistance Workout For Those Not Coming to Class

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