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Five Small Meals A Day For Weight Loss

If you’re like me, you grew up hearing about the importance of “three square meals a day.” But this model of eating isn’t the be-all and end-all of a healthy diet. In fact, five meals a day just might be the magic number, especially if your goal is to lose weight.

Often times when we eat three “square” meals a day, they’re not so square: typically one or two meals are sparse, while the remaining meal (usually dinner!) is really heavy in calories.

Of course, that’s if you even manage to get all three of those meals in your day. Raise your hand if you often eat only two meals a day! How about one jumbo meal? These types of eating habits are what pack on the pounds without us even realizing what’s wrong.

So what’s the solution? Eating smaller meals more often!

In my experience, eating five smaller meals is ideal (and it’s the model that the IdealPlan is based on!).

Here are 4 reasons why this method works so well for weight loss, ranked from least to most important.

1. Keeps Energy Levels Stable

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When we eat only a couple of bigger meals every day, we flood our systems with large amounts of calories all at once. Consuming higher amounts of calories at one time can spike our blood sugar. And blood sugar spikes lead to blood sugar crashes… which lead to hunger, fatigue, and cravings.

Eating the right foods at regular intervals should stabilize your blood sugar levels, allowing you to avoid spikes that come from huge, carb-heavy meals and sugary snacks. By avoiding these spikes and crashes you can keep a stable level of energy and avoid the hunger danger zone where you’re likely to eat junk.

2. Naturally Decreases Your Calorie Intake

We don’t only tend to overestimate our food needs when we’re really hungry. Researchers from Yale and University of Southern California also discovered that we’re more likely to want fatty, salty, and sugary foods when we feel like we’re “starving.”

By eating five small meals a day, you’re able to avoid extreme hunger and stay in control of what and how much you eat.

When you eat more frequently, you avoid the hunger “danger zone” that causes you to eat junk, because you never become starving-hungry. You can eat fewer calories while still feeling satisfied! A great option for a low-calorie, delicious meal is IdealShake.

IdealShake is a tasty meal replacement shake, designed with important nutrients and minerals of a well-balanced meal, and reinforced with our hunger-blocking ingredient Slendesta. This means you’ll not only satisfy your sweet tooth cravings, you’ll also be controlling your appetite.

3. Gives You Confidence

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When our mental and physical energy dip after going too long between meals, we have nothing to fuel our willpower, so we’re even more likely to give in to foods that aren’t on our plan. It takes a lot of focus and determination to eat healthy throughout the day! Hunger makes it even harder.

Neuroscientists have found that staying satiated helps keep our self-regulation activated. One positive accomplishment leads to another, and we end up feeling better about ourselves. More confident, happier, and more capable of reaching our goals.

4. Improves Your Routine

Increasing your meal frequency puts you in a position to think ahead and ensure you aren’t at the mercy of fast foods or convenience foods when you’re hungry. You can make a thoughtful choice about what to eat, and you can enjoy the willpower to follow through with your plan because you’re not ravenous!

If you only plan to eat two or three meals a day, you risk becoming unexpectedly hungry between meals without anything healthy to fall back on. At that point you might end up turning to the vending machine for help.

Once you get into a five-meals-a-day routine, you’ll find yourself prepared to conquer hunger in a healthy way.

Don’t think you have time to squeeze in extra meals throughout the day? IdealShake is super easy to prepare. Just mix a scoop of IdealShake with 8 oz. of water and you have a tasty meal ready to go.

You can also carry healthy snacks in your bag or your car, like IdealBars or some IdealBoost to beat cravings.

Let’s Wrap It Up!

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“So I get to eat whatever I want five times a day and still lose weight? Where’s the nearest fast food chain?!”

Not so fast! Your meals should be relatively small and healthy. It’s time to take your meal game to the next level. Maximize appetite control and satisfy your cravings with IdealShake by blocking your hunger and satisfying your cravings at the same time.

Meal replacement shakes allow you to reduce calories while still keeping you full and satisfied, and they’re extremely convenient. Just shake them up in a shaker bottle and go!

Try breaking up your daily meals into five smaller ones and see how you feel. You might be surprised to find yourself eating fewer unhealthy foods and losing weight!

The easiest way to go from three to five is to add a meal replacement shake to take the place of two out of five meals! This way, you’re still only prepping three meals, just like you used to. IdealShake is nutritionally complete, tastes awesome, and shakes up in a shaker bottle in seconds!

It’s time to completely jumpstart your weight loss, change the way you eat, and satisfy your cravings. What are you waiting for?!

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