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5 Habits That Are Sabotaging Your Weight Loss


We all want to be healthy, but sometimes there are things we’ve done for so long they’ve become a part of us and we forget we can change them. Like, say, never eating breakfast or being “addicted” to diet Coke.

But bad habits are easier to kick to the curb once you’re aware of them—and aware of just how much they’re costing you in the weight gain department. Just because you’ve always been known as “Diet Coke Girl” doesn’t mean it has to stay that way.

Find out if any of the five “diet killers” in today’s post are holding you back, and we’ll help you fix ’em.

1 – Stress Eating

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Eating causes the release of dopamine to receptors in our brain. Cocaine, heroin, and alcohol do too! This is a large part of what makes bad things feel good. Need to relieve some stress? Try endorphins which are released through exercise and have similar happiness-inducing effects. Replacing dopamine with endorphins by finding a new hobby is one way to overcome this bad habit.

2 – Not Drinking Water

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Quick, which button on the vending machine at your office dispenses water, or where’s the nearest water cooler to you right now? Don’t know? Had to think about it? That’s because many of us don’t even think of water as an option when it comes to being thirsty.

Drinking water has numerous benefits to your health and few of us are getting the daily amount we need. Swapping your soda habit for water will help you cut down on sugar and stay hydrated. If you still need that extra jump start trying adding IdealBoost to your water.

3 – Skipping Breakfast/Unhealthy Breakfast

Many of us have busy schedules but if you want to lose weight breakfast is your best friend. Many adults choose to skip breakfast altogether or grab something on the way to work. That “something” usually involves eggs, bacon, and big fat bagel or muffin.

Instead of a greasy “McBreakfast” consider having a smoothie. Smoothies are fast, fresh and healthy. When you add something like IdealShake you get a protein packed morning meal that will keep you full for three hours.

4 – Eating Too Quickly

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If you only have a short period of time for lunch eating out is not your best option. Your 30 minute lunch will force you to scarf down your #5 burgerlicious combo in the five minutes you have left after drive time and waiting in line.

When you eat that quickly your food takes longer to digest and makes it so your body is absorbing fewer nutrients and storing more fats. In addition, you are more likely to eat more when you eat quickly because your body doesn’t have enough time to react and signal you when you are full. Instead brown bag it!

Make an extra dinner portion that you can pack and take with you the next day. You’ll be able to enjoy your lunch with the extra time you created for yourself.

5 – Skipping Meals

Our bodies are smart, (and lazy) and if you’re frequently skipping meals, the body will make up for it by storing more fat in times of famine. Eating healthy at consistent intervals lets your body know that it will be constantly nourished and have less need of storing fat reserves.

If you don’t have time for a meal, there’s tons of alternative ways to get those nutrients, including awesome meal replacement shakes. Our Smoothie Book has plenty of recipes for meal replacements that will satisfy even while helping you lower your calorie count.

Most diets tell you to take all these bad habits and throw them out from day one. It’s good in theory, but terrible in practice. A single bad habit takes 21-30 days to permanently erase when worked on individually. Instead of trying to will yourself to stop every bad habit all at once,  try replacing your bad habits with good ones and start out working on one habit at a time.

One habit we’ve seen individuals find a lot of weight loss success with is replacing a meal with IdealShake meal replacement shake. It’s quick and convenient, low-calorie, and hunger-blocking. Feel full and satisfied for up to three hours even while cutting calories. It’s time for you to lose weight deliciously!

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Kirsten Jackson

Kirsten Jackson

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