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Five Great Tips For Losing Weight And Being Healthier in 2014

Five Great Tips For Losing Weight And Being Healthier in 2014(1)While many people make resolutions each year to lose weight and become healthier, many plans fizzle in the first month or two. Following a few tips below ensures  that you are able to keep the promises you have made to yourself in 2014.

Do not just say that you want to lose weight in 2014. You need to figure out the exact plan to get you to your goal. Begin by planning way before the new year rolls around. If you do not have exercise equipment, buy some or put that on your Christmas list. Clean out your cupboards and stock up on healthy foods. Go in knowing that you are going to eat healthy, plan your food journals, exercise a certain number of days each week and figure out what to do if your motivation starts to dwindle, such as call a friend, find a new exercise class or buy more workout clothes.

Purchase healthy foods to replace the junk food you removed from your house. Stock your refrigerator with fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats and fish, low-fat dairies, whole grains and minimal healthy fats. If you do not have a gym membership, workout shoes or exercise DVDs, get yourself some. Increase your water intake by buy a large cup to refill several times a day.

Even if you fall off the wagon early in the year, you can restart your plan anytime. Evaluate what you think stopped your motivation to begin with, and change a few things up to succeed this time.

Avoid Injury
One reason people stop their weight lose goals is due to injury. If you find yourself hurt, visit your doctor or at least nurse your injury so you do not hurt yourself worse. Buy a brace to help yourself heal. It is imperative that you follow elbow brace instructions if that is where your injury is in order to use the brace correctly.

With all the weight loss product promises out there, you may be tempted to buy into something for a quick fix. Do your research to make sure you are not wasting your money on a gimmick that does not really work. Remember to eat healthy and exercise instead of taking some “magic” pill.

Plan ahead, research and do not give up in order to achieve all of your weight loss and health goals in 2014.

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