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On-the-Go Essentials for Your Healthy Diet


What’s the secret to avoiding temptation?

Keeping your belly happy. Research shows that hunger increases cravings for high-calorie foods full of sugar, salt, and fat. If you’ve been wondering why we rave about the importance of healthy snacking habits, this is why!

Being prepared with a healthy snack stash will help you avoid post-workout calorie splurges, junk food binges when your willpower drops, and splurges when grocery shopping on an empty stomach. These are just three of a million hunger danger zones that can spoil your healthy diet during a hectic day.

As a fitness trainer and nutrition expert at IdealShape, and as a busy mother of three young kids, I know there is NO way I could stick to my nutrition goals if I didn’t have a hunger control strategy. Here’s what I stash in my bag, desk, and car cup-holders to stay on track!

Veggie Sticks

Vegetable tray with celery, broccoli, carrots on a wooden table

You probably already know that vegetables are one of the best snacking habits for fat loss. But you might not think of tossing them in your bag when you’re on the go! As part of my prep time each week, I fill the fridge with baggies of cut-up carrots, celery, cucumbers, and bell peppers so I can grab them any time I think I’ll get the munchies. Vegetables are lower in sugar than fruits, and they’re packed with essential nutrients. Plus they’re so low-calorie that you can justify a little hummus or peanut butter to go with them!


Woman holding two IdealBar weight loss snacks

IdealShape’s snack bar is made for people who are running around all day, and especially for those who tend to have a sweet tooth, like me. Common so-called “healthy” grabs like granola bars and bran muffins are loaded with sugar, not to mention around 350 calories in snacks like a Starbucks muffin. Rather than tiding you over, the high sugar content in these snacks can actually make your cravings worse. IdealBars are a healthy alternative with only 140 calories and 7 g of sugar, plus built-in appetite control from fiber, protein, and Slendesta.

No-Fridge Mini Meals

Carb-rich foods aren’t your only option for a meal you can travel with. One of my favorite meals to toss into my bag doesn’t even need to stay chilled: a tuna packet for protein (lemon pepper flavor is my favorite!), a baggie of almonds, and buttered popcorn-flavored rice cakes. This is a great low-calorie combo of protein, carbs and fats, and it’s really filling. For more options, check out my post about 10 Healthy Snack Ideas.

Water Bottles

Pouring Water

If you’re going to drink 12-16 cups of water, investing in a refillable water bottle is a must! It’s too easy to get dehydrated when you’re running around all day, which opens the door to cravings for unhealthy beverages. Not drinking enough water can also make you feel sluggish, achy, and hungry. If you exercise in the morning or after work (common dehydration times), starting your workout well-hydrated will enable you to exercise at a higher intensity and get better results.



Notice how I said “water bottles” above? I always keep an extra water bottle around just for mixing IdealBoost. It’s my go-to drink, so I don’t have to rely on sodas and carbonated energy drinks to get me through my day. It also offers the fat-loss and energy benefits of caffeine and green tea, combined with the appetite control of Slendesta. And a glass of IdealBoost is just 10 calories, so it’s a “freebie” drink for me!

Let’s Wrap It Up!

Most of us really struggle with our weight loss and maintenance plans if we don’t employ good hunger control strategies like these. Planning ahead isn’t always easy, but the results are worth it, believe me!

Filling your bag, car, and desk with snacks and planned treats will help you stay fueled and energized to make the most of your day, and your workouts.

Lindsey Mathews

Lindsey Mathews

Head Trainer

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