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Looking to Get a Flat Belly Overnight? My 5 tips for Quick Weight Loss

Written by Marlee B.

This morning I woke up wishfully hoping to find that yesterday’s workout was it. It was THE workout that finally delivered my summer six-pack abs. But, that’s not reality. Reality is how some days I feel lean and some days I feel like a busted can of biscuits.

The good news, though, that combats my “busted biscuit” days (and the flood of unkind thoughts that invite themselves along with it) is that an extra pound or two might not actually be fat gain.

It just might be water retention!

Today I’ll share my 5 favorite tips for beating bloat, water retention, and essentially losing weight overnight!

Extra Pounds Brought on by Bloat

At some point in our lives, we have each experienced it. The achy extension of the abdomen that is less than pleasant which occurs when our stomach swells, causing us to feel full and tight.

Major contributions to this are insufficient water intake, unbalanced sodium & sugar in our diet, alcohol, restricted calories, late-night eating, and women’s monthly periods.

It’s when I see what appears to be my balloon-like belly that I take a deep breath and evaluate my eating habits from the previous day:

-What was my water intake?

-Did I have a poor diet?

-What time(s) did I consume my meals?

(For a few bloat beating tips, check this out!)

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How to Lose Weight Overnight

Many people may hope to lose weight overnight, but it’s important we understand the difference between whether our weight loss is fat or water.

True weight loss takes time and our bodies don’t normally gain or lose a significant amount of fat or muscle overnight. However, our bodies can (and probably would benefit from) shedding a few pounds of water, so if you experience overnight weight loss, it is likely water weight.

That said, here are a few tips to start with to get your flat belly overnight:

1. Water is your secret weapon.

woman's hand holding water bottle


Simply put, the best way to rid of the “busted biscuit” belly look is to actually drink more water! 

If you aren’t drinking enough water, your body will absorb whatever water it already has it but it will not excrete any. This means the water in your body will be used for normal bodily functions and will cause you to feel bloated.

An increase of water to your diet, however, might leave you feeling dizzy, achy, weak, or nauseated due to low electrolyte levels. But the quick fix to this is to just add an extra shake of salt to your food!

Although sodium often gets lumped into the category of nutritional no-no’s, your body needs it. Sodium helps your system send messages to and from the brain and keep your heartbeat steady and is mega-important for active women.

It can often help prevent the kind of muscle cramping, and it also helps your body hold on to water, so you stay better hydrated!

2. There are unsavory side effects of salt and sugar.

a salt shaker


Hold up. Table salt is the most common cause of water retention, so why did I just suggest you add an extra shake of it onto your entree?

Well, there’s a fine line. Excess sodium makes the body hold extra fluid in the cells. When you cut down on salt and high sodium condiments, you can quickly lose water weight.

Sugar is also a culprit along with salt. Sugar raises insulin levels which in turn lessens the body’s ability to expel sodium. Have no fear of bland tasting food, though! You can always use zero-calorie or no-sodium spices for added flavor and opt for fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats.

Do your best to exercise at least four times a week as well. Sodium leaves the body in your sweat, which helps overcome belly bloat!

3. Ditch the crazy diets.

two grapefruit halves used for a grapefruit diet

If you are one who thinks being on a calorie-restricted diet will help you lose weight, you are not alone. I believed it once, too! Although a strategic calorie deficit is a part of weight loss, it definitely shouldn’t be to an extreme.

A prolonged period of low or even negative calories will eventually result in weight loss, but it is unhealthy and completely unsatisfying! Instead of a calorie-restricted diet, try taking a slow-and-steady approach to weight loss.

It will help your body from ballooning because restricting calories for a lengthy period of time can actually cause water retention by raising cortisol levels (our stress hormone). So while overall fat may be reduced when limiting your calories, the body will hold more water.

4. Eat Dinner Early

Here’s a slim-down secret: fasting. While we’re asleep at night, we actually fast. Fasting is the willing abstinence from some or all food and liquid for a defined period of time. That is why the first meal of the day is called, “break-fast.”

Fasting has shown numerous health benefits including weight loss, lower blood pressure, and reduced cholesterol! Such a simple concept blew my mind but it makes sense.

Digestion takes a lot of work, so the longer you can stretch out that period between dinner and your next morning meal (12 hours is optimal), you’ll give your system time to recover and deflate your belly quickly.

5. Keep in mind…Fat is WAY harder to flush

woman in black bikini before and after weight loss

Our bodies have a specific way of metabolizing energy. Essentially, sugars and carbs get burned as energy first, followed by muscle and fat.

This is why it’s so easy to lose water weight yet challenging to lose fat. When you master your nutrition and pair that with the right kind of workouts, you can create the look that you love!

Say Goodbye to your “Busted Biscuit” Days!

As you settle yourself into a new eating routine with these simple tips, the initial weight loss from flushing out excess water might sneak back up a bit as you rehydrate.

This simply means that your body is adjusting to your healthier habits! Completely cleaning up your nutrition choices and having a well-hydrated body will jumpstart your weight loss and get your body primed for fat burning.

Continue to properly flush your body to rid of toxins and excess water weight and enjoy the side effects of a flat belly, a lean looking body, and a sudden flow of positive thoughts on your new bod!

Lose Weight the Healthy Way!

Fad diets won’t help you live a healthy lifestyle, but with the IdealPlan, you will be well on your way to the health you’ve always dreamed of. Lose weight & keep it off with healthy meal plans, workouts designed for weight loss, and a supportive online community to keep you motivated.

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