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New Gene Mapping Discovery And It’s Link To Obesity

02A15GW9Researchers have made some recent discoveries that give us more insight on obesity and its causes. Researchers have identified some genes that show a close tie to severe childhood obesity. A new study released on April 7th shows that there could be some very significant genetic factors that can lead to childhood obesity:

The team found that structural variations can delete sections of DNA that help to maintain protein receptors known to be involved in the regulation of weight.

This builds on previous studies that have shown quite a few genetic factors in obesity…

“We’ve known for a long time that changes to our genes can increase our risk of obesity. For example, the gene FTO has been unequivocally associated with BMI, obesity and other obesity-related traits,” says Dr Eleanor Wheeler

This recently published study shows two new genes that may have a larger effect on obesity than even FTO:

In our study of severely obese children, we found that variations in or near two of the newly associated genes seem to have a comparable or greater effect on obesity than the FTO gene: PRKCH and RMST.”

 With these studies done on obesity and genetics it might be easy to give up fighting obesity and blame it on your genes. But you still have some say in it. Make sure you and your children are being active and eating healthy. Check out this article for some healthy family friendly snacks.

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