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Winter Blahs Are Over, Time To Get Motivated!

get motivatedWhen December 31st is rolling around, most people are preparing for the new year, planning their resolutions, and getting ready for change. Me? I’m at my desk writing about how everyone else should be making resolutions and dutifully ignoring my own advice.


It’s not that I don’t see the benefits, or don’t agree with the posts or anything along those lines, it’s just I know me. The moment the first snowflake hits the ground, I just want to shut myself indoors and go into hibernation until it goes away. (I hope in my next life I’m reincarnated as a bear. That would be sweet on so many levels.)


New Year’s day does nothing to break this winter spell and I have no motivation to follow through on any resolutions I set for myself. But that’s what spring is for! When winter is finally over and the sun is out, my mind is racing with all the things I have to do. I think of all the stuff I’ve ignored for the last 5 months and I’m in terminator mode. Things need to get done.

And I’m not the only one.


 A lot of people feel this way because seasons have a huge affect on our moods. Some more than others, of course, but for those of us with the winter blues or the February blahs; New Year’s resolutions might not be the best bet. It’s called spring cleaning because many of us feel the pull of motivation this time of year.


April Fool’s Day is my January 1st. I always set resolutions for the year, make plans to be better, and get motivated because I know that during this time I’m much more likely to follow through with my goals. And because I enjoy a little irony.


If you’re not motivated to follow your goals, it doesn’t matter how well you plan them out, or what kind of support system you have because you have to really want the things you’re trying to attain. More importantly, you have to feel like you can obtain them.

So what about you? Do you feel more motivated during certain seasons? If so, planning your goals around the times you’re most likely to follow through is definitely going to help!

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