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Getting Your Mind Right: The First Step To Weight Loss

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Chances are, you’ve told yourself this a time or two. Chances are even greater that almost everyone you know has said it to themselves at one time or another. And chances are really great that most of you are still saying it but not seeing it happen. Wanting to lose weight is easy. And if your only goal is to lose weight, you’re setting yourself up to fail. In his book IdealMind, IdealShape, CEO David Meine states, “It’s a sad reality that 9 out of 10 people fail on a weight loss plan.”

Are you ready to know the reason? You’re missing one crucial word that changes that statement from a thought to an action. That word: WHY. Think about it: once you add a why to that statement, everything changes. It becomes a question that demands an answer. 

Why do I want to lose weight? Because I want to be a healthy person and live a healthy lifestyle.”

Why do I want to lose weight? Because I want to be an active participant in my family.”

Why do I want to lose weight? Because I want to have more opportunities at work.”

Do you see the difference? Your why becomes the bridge between the wanting and the working, which makes it possible for you to succeed. David Meine teaches that “we become what we think about.” Once you have a why you have something to think about besides wanting to lose weight. You have a reason. You have something positive to focus on that will make your weight loss journey easier.

So how do you find your reason? Ask yourself the question: WHY? A Huffington Post article by Anna Almendrala suggests that losing weight is about much more than calorie restriction or gym visits.  She writes that “it’s also a massive mental challenge that requires stamina, rational thought and emotional support. In other words, it’s often a mind makeover, first and foremost.” Quite simply, you need to makeover your mind before you can makeover your body. The best way to do this:

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  •        Are you tired of all the medications you have to take and medical bills you have to pay that are a direct result of your weight?   
  •        Are you a busy mom who finds it hard to enjoy doing things with your family due to your weight?
  •        Do you want to see more success at work but feel like your weight is holding you back?

If you answered yes to any of these, you’ve found a great place to start your why. If not, keep thinking about what matters most to you and you will find your reason. It doesn’t really matter what follows your why, it just matters that you have one. As you focus on what’s most important to you in your life, you will be able to find the strength to make the changes necessary to start your weight loss journey.

I’d like to recommend 3 steps suggested by the Center for Disease Control to help you stay on track once you’ve found your why so that you can have the right mindset no matter where you are on your weight loss journey.  


Just because you’ve found a strong motivation for losing weight, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. It still takes time, effort, and energy to get those numbers on the scale to move in the direction you desire. Commitment is a key factor in your weight loss success, and it’s much easier to be committed to a reality than to a desire. When you focus on your commitment to your why, you’ll have more strength to get you through the tough days you’re bound to face.

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That’s right, it’s time for a reality check. Go look in the mirror (clothing optional) or step on the scale. Now, take a moment to decide how these actions make you feel. Really think and be completely honest with yourself. Record your thoughts and feelings somewhere, and then tuck them away to look back on periodically. They’ll remind you of where you started your journey.


Setting goals can either help or hinder your progress. If your goal is unrealistic (I want to lose 50 pounds by next month) you are setting yourself up to fail. However if you set a few important goals, you are much more likely to succeed. It’s also a good idea to set a small, easily attainable goal every day to help you instantly measure your success.

In the end, it all comes down to you and your mind. Your body can handle a lot more than you realize, but your brain can easily hold you back. By having a why you give your brain one more powerful tool to help with your mental makeover. By focusing on your why, you give yourself a greater chance to succeed.  And by becoming your why, you create the life you’ve always dreamed of for yourself. Once you make the positive changes you yearn for, people will notice the difference, and when they ask why you’re looking so good, you can easily answer with a knowing smile; “Just because.”

Now it’s time to get after your goals! It’s time to achieve your ideal shape! You have what it takes to see some amazing results in your life as you stay dedicated to your why, and we have some things that will certainly help you a long your way.

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Lindsey Mathews

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