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Prevent the Halloween Candy Hangover from Hanging On

halloween candyAre you one of the many people worried about adding an extra 5-10 pounds this holiday season? Halloween is the first test and the reality is you may just succumb to the dreaded draw of the candy bowl. All is not lost! It isn’t time to throw your hands up in the air and quit because of a few piece of chocolate.

5 Tips To Prevent the Halloween Candy Hangover From Throwing You Off Track

1. Plan on enjoying the candy bowl. Eat a healthy dinner before you head for the candy bowl. Enjoy each bite and try to not inhale the bite-size candy pieces. A few may be enough to meet your need to enjoy the holidays.

2. Don’t drink unnecessary calories. Water is great option to help you feel full and limit your calories intake.

3. Tell others your plan to enjoy a few treats but not to over-indulge. Keep each other accountable.

4. Get up first thing the next morning and exercise. Get back into your routine and find comfort in getting back on track.

5. Eat six small meals the following day. Make sure you get enough fiber and add a little extra protein to your meals to curb the urge to splurge again.

skyler meine

skyler meine

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