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A Healthy Appetite Suppressant: Does It Exist? [UPDATED]

Losing weight means going on a diet. And going on a diet means feeling hungry. Right?


It’s pretty simple. If you can’t control your hunger you’re never going to see the results you’re working towards.

Hunger has the power to sabotage even the most dedicated and motivated dieters.

It leads to bad snacking habits, overeating, and it can have you reaching for all the wrong foods.

If you can’t get your hunger under control you’ll be adding hundreds of extra calories to your diet stopping your progress dead in it’s tracks.

Hunger really is a dieter’s worst enemy.

But, what if I told you that there is a secret weapon that will help you battle hunger? One that will help you feel fuller and eat less and finally achieve weight loss. One that’s proven to decrease body fat and increase lean body mass.

Well, there is. Let’s talk healthy appetite suppressants!

What is an Appetite Suppressant?

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An appetite suppressant is either a supplement or a drug that helps you feel fuller, less hungry, can help reduce cravings, and support weight loss. Prescription appetite suppressants exist but there are also simple appetite suppressing supplements that work really well that you don’t need a prescription to take because they’re not a drug.

Of course, you’ll want to talk to your doctor to see which option is best for you!

The healthy appetite suppressing supplement that I recommend is Slendesta®.

Slendesta is the name-brand for a potato protein extract. It’s removed from real potatoes through a proprietary process in order to produce a pure form of the protein.

You might be asking yourself, “Why potatoes?” Well, you may or may not know that potatoes are extremely filling. In fact they’re proven to be one of the most filling foods around.

Researcher Suzanna Holt created a satiety index of common foods by feeding volunteers 240 calories worth of 38 different foods and tracking their level of fullness. The standout food in this experiment was potatoes. It came out on top as the most filling food with a satiety level of 323 percent!

But it isn’t just the fact that potatoes are a heavy, high-fiber food that makes them so filling. It’s the special protein found just under the skin of a potato called proteinase inhibitor II (PI2) that really takes things to another level.

This is what Slendesta is made of.

Why Do People Supplement with Slendesta?

Slendesta is a healthy appetite suppressant. Unlike other appetite suppressing strategies that simply rely on fiber or protein to fill you up, Slendesta works at a molecular level to take advantage of your body’s natural processes and reactions to help you feel fuller sooner and longer.

Normally when you eat, your small intestines releases a signal molecule called cholecystokinin (CCK). Basically, this molecule lets your stomach and brain know that you’re full.

Like I mentioned before, Slendesta is made of a potato protein called PI2. This protein actually works to create an increased production of CCK which tells your stomach and brain that you’re full sooner and longer.

I know that was a lot of info, so let’s do a quick summary:

  • Slendesta is made of a protein called PI2.
  • PI2 signals an increased production in CCK.
  • CCK tells your stomach and brain that you’re full.

So with the help of Slendesta, you can feel full without having to stuff yourself silly. Which means you can cut calories without feeling starving.

What are the Benefits of Slendesta / Appetite Suppressant?


Sarah lost more than 40 pounds with the help of Slendesta powered products! The hunger-blocker helped her say no to snacking and treats. Learn more here.

Sarah lost more than 40 pounds with the help of Slendesta powered products! The hunger-blocker helped her say no to snacking and treats. Watch the video below to learn more about Sarah’s story and how she used hunger-blocking products to lose weight and achieve her ideal!

As a healthy appetite suppressant, the purpose of Slendesta is to do just that: help you suppress your appetite. Controlling hunger and cravings is a major obstacle when you want to lose weight.

Losing weight means cutting calories; Cutting calories usually means feeling hungry. Left unaddressed, hunger can completely sabotage your weight loss goals. How many times have you gone on a diet only to fold to your cravings and hunger?

Yeah, I’ve been there too.

Which is why having a hunger-blocker that actually works is so important. When paired with a healthy diet, Slendesta is proven to help you lose weight and reduce hip and waist measurements.

Slendesta helps you lose weight by promoting hunger management and making you feel full sooner and longer than you would have without it. This hunger control allows you to stick to your diet without the nagging feeling of hunger and cravings causing you to eat extra calories.

Because when you’re not feeling hungry all the time, weight loss becomes MUCH easier.

What is the Clinically Effective Dosage of Slendesta?

Clinical studies have been done using 300mg and 600mg of Slendesta. Both dosages are clinically effective and have produced statistically significant results.

Interestingly the 300mg dosage was even shown to have slightly better weight loss results. The 300mg dosage also appears to be slightly more effective at lowering post-meal blood glucose levels.

(Guess what? IdealShake meal replacement shake uses 300mg of Slendesta to block hunger and support weight loss! Click HERE to learn more about IdealShake 🙂

What Type of Results Should I Expect from Slendesta?

Weight loss challenge winner Sarah, does lunges.

Just like any other weight loss supplement, Slendesta certainly isn’t going to do all the work for you.

The whole point is that as an healthy appetite suppressant, Slendesta is a tool that helps solve one of the biggest problems in weight loss: hunger.

So it’s tough to say exactly what results you will see because the results are really up to you! By eliminating unnecessary, nagging hunger pangs you can stick to the healthy diet plan that you’ve already committed to.

When Slendesta is paired with the proper weight loss nutrition plan you can to lose up to one to two pounds each week. Healthy weight loss of one to two pounds a week is sustainable. And with Slendesta it becomes a possibility because you won’t feel the temptation of constant hunger and cravings pushing you to fall off the wagon.

Does Slendesta Have Any Side Effects?

So far, Slendesta has no reported side effects. It’s truly is a healthy appetite suppressant.
It doesn’t contain stimulants. It doesn’t cause any jitters, bloating, or other discomforts, unlike other appetite suppressants.

Even though it doesn’t carry any side effects, it is still recommended that women who are pregnant or nursing talk to their doctor before using this supplement because of its hunger-blocking abilities. This supplement is also not recommended for children under the age of 18 unless directed by a doctor.

The Best Healthy Appetite Suppressant Products?

A variety of effective appetite suppressing weight loss products.

Because Slendesta is an appetite suppressant, it will help you cut calories without all the nagging hunger pangs and temptation.

But like I said before, it’s not going to do the work for you. In order to lose weight, you need to cut calories and eat right.

When you incorporate Slendesta into healthy weight loss foods that make up a healthy weight loss meal plan, you can kill two birds with one stone. You get the right nutrition for weight loss and the right hunger-blocker to help you stay on track.

Meal replacement shakes, snack bars, and weight loss drinks have been popular weight loss tools for years. But the problem with the majority of these products is that they don’t give you the kind of long-term results you crave because while they do help you cut calories, they don’t keep you full.

Most of these weight loss foods only rely on fiber and protein to keep you full. But we all know that these strategies fall short of their goal. You wind up feeling hungry way before your next meal because there just isn’t enough food in your stomach to keep sending the “full” signal to your body and brain.

That’s why at IdealShape we’ve incorporated Slendesta into our meal replacement shakes, snack bars, and weight loss drinks. The protein and fiber in our shakes and bars help you to feel full but we have the special ingredient that keeps you full for hours, Slendesta healthy appetite suppressant!

IdealShake Meal Replacement Shake

Beautiful woman holding a tub of Cookies N' Cream IdealShake.

As part of our Hunger-Blocking Blend, IdealShake contains:
11g of protein.
5g of fiber.
2.5g of fat.
300mg of Slendesta — the clinically effective dosage.

And with only around 100 calories per serving (depending on the flavor), you can add mix-ins and other ingredients to create delicious smoothies and shakes without exceeding your calorie goals.

By replacing one to two meals each day with IdealShake you can lose weight deliciously and feel full too!

IdealBar Weight Loss Snack Bar

Woman holding two IdealBar weight loss snacks

Taking your weight loss and appetite control with you has never been easier than with IdealBar. IdealBar contains:

  • 11g of protein.
  • 6g of fiber.
  • 5g of fat.
  • 140 calories.
  • 300mg of Slendesta.

Just like IdealShake, IdealBar will help you fight hunger and kill cravings for up to three hours.

These delicious snack bars are the perfect on-the-go snack. You won’t believe that a bar that tastes like dessert can help you lose weight… but it can!

IdealBoost Weight Loss Drink

5 Different Flavors of IdealBoost

IdealBoost is a weight loss drink that comes in a stick pack. It has the same hunger-blocking power of our other products. It’s perfect for when you’re eating a low-calorie homemade snack and you want to add some extra hunger-blocking power. IdealBoost contains:

  • 1g of fiber.
  • 80mg of caffeine.
  • 5 tiny calories.
  • 300mg of Slendesta

IdealBoost is perfect when that mid-morning or mid-afternoon slump hits. Your energy is low and your cravings are out of control. IdealBoost will give you the hunger control and energy you need to meet your goals!

The Bottom Line on Appetite Suppressants?

There are a few options out there for appetite suppressing strategies but I recommend Slendesta because it works!

Slendesta is a hunger-blocker that is a great weight loss tool when used as part of a complete weight loss plan. Hunger is the number one sabotage for most diets. When you can get your hunger under control and eat right, you can lose weight.

IdealShake meal replacement shake, IdealBar weight loss snack bar, and IdealBoost weight loss drink all contain the clinically effective dosage of Slendesta. Together they make up
IdealPlan — a complete weight loss plan.

When you follow the IdealPlan you’ll know exactly how to maximize your weight loss using products that work with the help of Slendesta!

IdealPlan provides catered, healthy meals based on gender and weight so you can lose weight and eat delicious foods at the same time!

You’ll be taking advantage of the benefits of Slendesta and creating a new healthy lifestyle that will help you achieve long-term weight loss success.

Click HERE to Learn more about our weight loss plan that incorporates all of our amazing hunger-blocking products!


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