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Healthy Living Is An Accumulation of Little Choices

healthy living accumulation of choices

So the month is half over and we’ve been seeing the bonuses and pitfalls of the iShaper challenge here at the office. Overall we love the concept, though as we progress there are definitely going to be a few changes. (This morning we switched from beans to rocks because beans just weren’t big enough)

In the end, the biggest thing we learned is healthy living is an accumulation of small choices. Being healthy isn’t a single choice and a lot of people have somewhat different takes on what is and isn’t healthy. One of the biggest benefits that I’ve seen so far in the challenge is that it showed me that I was already doing a lot of healthy stuff already, and it made it easier to make other little changes.

When I think of the challenge I keep getting reminded of a scene in the movie A Bug’s Life.

Now, it was used in the negative, but the theory is sound. Are you going to see the pounds melt away by making one positive choice? Probably not, but when you add up all the positive choices you make (or maybe add a few to help you along) the weight will start falling off a lot easier.

Personally, I’ve been trying to bulk up, and with the challenge I noticed that I was already getting a lot of exercise each day (those of you following us on Facebook know we have a pickleball court in our office and we happen to have a fairly competitive group so you can always find someone willing to take you on). I was hitting my calorie goals, but I wasn’t drinking enough water and I wasn’t necessarily getting the right kind of calories.

I figured on top of what I was normally doing, I would see if I could get a few more beans each day by drinking my eight glasses of water and ensuring that I hit my levels of protein and reduced my levels of sugar. They weren’t huge changes and they weren’t hard to do, but in the first week I gained 4 lbs. Like I said, I’m trying to bulk up a bit, so for me, this was awesome!

What little things can you change that might make all the difference? Going on a diet is difficult, but changing one or two things each week, trying to get a few more rocks in your jar, isn’t as hard, and it makes a big difference.

That’s the main thing I love about the challenge.

For those that have been keeping up on the challenge feel free to let us know what you’ve liked and haven’t liked about it in the comments, we’d love to hear about your experiences.

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