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Usually when we tell people that a healthy diet is 3 small meals and 2 healthy snacks throughout the day, the first follow-up question is “What’s a good healthy snack?”


Snacking in most people’s mind means a grab bag of chips or some cookies or making a quick plate of nachos. Those can be snacks…if you want the calories of a full meal and very little of the nutrition.


When looking for a good snack to help keep your weight loss goals on track, mainly what you want to do is keep yourself feeling satisfied so that when you get to the next meal you’re not so hungry that you go overboard on the calories.


This is where things like, volume, fiber, and fresh foods come in handy.


Fiber always feels dense and while most of us think of cardboard or oats when we think fiber, there are a lot of great fresh snack foods that have plenty of healthy fiber to keep you feeling full.


As for volume, it can make a huge difference on your appetite because your stomach takes time to break food down. If you can fill it full with the same amount of calories, that’s going to be a tremendous boon for you.


For example, which is going to fill you up more?


healthy snack apple vs chips


Pretty easy, right?


Obviously the two apples are a lot heftier, but guess what? Two full apples have fewer calories than just one ounce of Doritos.


Fresh fruits and veggies can be a huge boon to your afternoon snacking and they also give you a great source of fiber and vitamin C.


Most products marketed towards the constant grazer in us are not going to help you lose weight. Absent-minded snacking can be the bane to any weight loss strategy and it’s an easy fix. We just have to pay a little more attention to what we’re picking up and find a different outlet for boredom.


And while the IdealShape meal replacement bars have been formulated to work to replace a full meal, they are the perfect snack to satisfy your sweet tooth. Not only are you getting a great source of fiber, a full multivitamin supplement, and satisfying your sweet tooth (Have you heard about our Cinnamon Caramel Crunch? Holy cow it is soooooo good!) You get the hunger blocker Slendesta to ensure you make it to the next meal without feeling hungry.

healthy snack idealshape bar

If you’re sitting at the table and saying, “What’s for dinner? I could eat a horse!” Then a healthy snack between lunch and dinner is definitely going to help you keep those weight loss goals on the right track.


Check out Carla’s healthy snacks section on Ideal Cooking for more great snack ideas.


And did you also notice that the meal replacement bars are currently on sale? Yeah, you should go check them out.


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