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go from average to idealIt’s time to celebrate! For the past 11 years, we’ve seen thousands of incredible transformations from unhealthy to healthy lifestyles.

We are grateful to have been in the right place at the right time to make a difference in our customer’s lives.

The reality is that the average person in America today is overweight or obese. As a result, many of us are suffering from limited energy, low self-esteem, and poor health.

Our passion is to help people go from average to ideal. As people make this transformation, we’ve seen them not only fit into smaller clothes, but actually get their lives back in the form of happier relationships, increased energy, and confidence in all areas of their lives.

“I have never been involved with a company as intrinsically rewarding as this. We genuinely help people improve their lives to become healthier and happier.” –David Meine, CEO IdealShape

In an effort to both motivate and reward people for their amazing weight loss journeys, we created the Ship Shape Challenge. The winner receives a cruise for 2, including airfare, plus $1,000 spending money.shipshape-ship shape challenge contest

The Ship Shape Challenge winner is selected from 12-15 finalists throughout the year that have shown exceptional commitment to achieving their ideal shape.

These finalists aren’t just people who’ve lost the most weight, but people who have gone above and beyond to overcome daunting obstacles and improve their lifestyle.

It’s overwhelmingly difficult to select finalists each month, let alone the winner of the entire Ship Shape Challenge.

Here’s what some of our Ship Shape Winners have said about IdealShape:

“I needed help losing weight, and IdealShape shakes were the answer.  They gave me the control that I had been missing.  Because I was no longer battling (and losing to) my hunger, I was able to lose 82 lbs! Thank you, IdealShape–you helped me change my life!”  –Julie Nesbitt

julie nesbit's weight loss transformation, go from average to ideal

“I love my IdealShape family! The support and motivation I receive from the IdealShape community is fantastic. Someone is always checking up on me to see how I’m progressing even though the contest is over.” –Jenna Leach

jenna leach's weight loss transformation, go from average to ideal

Employees both old and new quickly catch the vision as they see peoples’ lives change for the better:

“As a woman who loves to educate herself about fitness and nutrition, it’s been amazing to work with a company that’s figured it out! IdealShape covers all aspects of fitness and nutrition and is able to take people from average to ideal.” –Meg Pearson, Social Media Manager at IdealShape

To celebrate our 11th year helping people achieve their ideal shapes, we’re offering FREE SHIPPING on EVERY product we have! Have fun and celebrate our birthday with us!
By Scott Eggenberger

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