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Get Schooled on How to Snack Smart!


Thoughtfully planned snack time is essential to hunger control and weight loss. Which is why snack time is honestly, my favorite meal of the day. Even though pudding packs and chips might have been your snack time go-to in kindergarten, these sugary, fatty snacks aren’t making the grade.

Today I’m going to school you on how to snack smarter!

The Preppy


Preparing your own low-calorie snacks is a great way to add variety to your diet. The only downside is that a snack that’s too small might leave you hungry before it’s time for your next meal.

I love drinking an IdealBoost at snack time because it contains an appetite suppressant so I can eat a low calorie snack that fits into my diet without feeling hungry shortly after. It also gives me the perfect boost of energy right when I need it.

In the IdealPlan I include a variety of healthy snack recipes that focus on eating fresh whole foods. You can really have a lot of fun experimenting with your favorite snack combinations.

The Overachiever


With work, school, kids, community commitments, etc., it can be difficult to carve out time to prepare a healthy, delicious and low-calorie snack which is why the IdealBar makes such an awesome snack option.

It’s a grab and go solution that you don’t have to think about. Plus, it has the same appetite suppressant as IdealBoost built right in, so you can feel full for up to three hours.

Instead of sprinting towards the vending machine because you didn’t have time to whip up a snack, reach for an IdealBar.

Bonus: They taste really good, like candy bar good. Even though you’re not cheating on your diet, it might feel like you are.

The Dunst


Low-calorie snack packs don’t do anything except leave you hungry for more. Before you know it you’ve blown through two or three, which totally defeats the point of being low-calorie.

Most of these “diet snacks” have zero nutritional value so the calories they do contain don’t do anything for you. Even when you eat two or three you’ll start feeling hungry long before it’s time for your next meal.

Graduation Time

Snack time really is my favorite meal of the day. For me it’s an opportunity to treat myself, in a small way. Whether that’s savoring an IdealBar or munching on a salty, crunchy rice cake while sipping an ice cold IdealBoost, I love it.

I’m challenging you to give snack time an upgrade with IdealBar, you’ll be acing your diet in no time!

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