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How to start losing weight

02C13227So, you’ve decided to get healthier, and you know that eating right and exercising is the way to go, but how do you start losing weight? Let’s talk about how to start losing weight successfully.

Well, you should start with a final goal in mind, and take it out of your mind and place it on paper. Writing our goals down makes us more likely to succeed.

Now, check your knowledge to see what you know about starting your weight loss plan. What have you done in the past? What has worked and what has failed. More importantly, why did these things work/fail. Were you not ready for change, or was it the plan of attack that didn’t fit your personality?

Now, I’m certainly not telling you to dwell on the failures, just acknowledge them from a scientific perspective. Make sure you’re not getting down on yourself. These weren’t your failures, the techniques just didn’t work for you. Understanding yourself is very important for permanent success.

Once you’ve done this, try to create a reward system based on what you think will be successful. Look for any tools that might make starting the weight loss plan a little less cumbersome.

Ease into it.

You’re not going to run a marathon tomorrow, and you’re not going to find the perfect recipe that you love to eat and is incredibly healthy right off the bat. You need to build up to it, and you need to learn how to eat healthier while satisfying your palette.

Focus on little things and don’t overwhelm yourself.

Do you drink enough water? Do you feel like your sugar consumption is a bit high? Do you need some motivation to exercise? Pick one habit and work on changing it for 28 days. The weight comes off a little slower but you’re more likely to keep the changes going permanently when you focus on one bad habit at a time.

Keep positive. Missing a day’s workout is not a failure. You needed a rest, but you will walk a little bit more tomorrow and you’ve strengthened your resolve for the next one.

Starting a weight loss plan is about understanding yourself and learning what works and what doesn’t. Remember to write everything down. Keeping a journal (or even a blog) of what you want and what you’re doing is a great way to keep yourself motivated.

Now get to it!



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