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Is Weight Loss Hypnosis Effective for Long Term Weight Loss?

02B96875So many people today are trying to find a way to achieve long term weight loss. A way that can help them address their eating habits, get motivated, stay motivated, and keep themselves physically active. Ultimately, people want a way that they can lose the weight and keep it off–permanently.

You might be wondering if there is even such a program out there. If something like that actually exists. What if I told you that the only way to actually lose weight, stay motivated while doing it, and make permanent life changes is to change the way that you think about weight loss and your body? Would you agree with me? It is common for a person to start a weight loss program with their main motivation being hatred for their body. Some people even go into a new weight loss program not truly believing that they can change themselves.

The key to overcoming all of this is weight loss hypnosis, or something that we like to call brain training.

It is important to understand how weight loss hypnosis really works and what is involved in the process before you make any judgements about it. Most people are surprised to find out what the process is, what it is not, and that it really does work! People that actually give it a try report great success and find that brain training is what they have been missing this whole time. It’s what they’ve needed to finally reach their weight loss goals.

 How the Process Works

One common misconception about weight loss hypnosis is that it’s like hypnosis you see in Las Vegas style shows, where the participants are made to quack like a duck or do something else just as embarrassing. This is nothing like the actual process and what happens to those that participate. As with other serious forms of hypnosis, weight loss hypnosis uses the strong power of suggestion so that the person participating has more willpower to do something they would like to do, or to avoid something they don’t want to do.

So basically weight loss hypnosis helps encourage you to stick with the personal goals that you have set for yourself. Whether those goals are cutting back on the “bad” foods that sabotage your healthy eating or getting the motivation to leave the couch and get to the gym every night; brain training will help you get there. You’ll find that doing these things that were once so hard–is suddenly much easier. Weight loss hypnosis will not force you to do something that you normally wouldn’t. That would be called brainwashing. BIG difference.

 Why Weight Loss Hypnosis is Effective

One reason why weight loss hypnosis is effective for long-term goals is because it addresses the real reasons why a person is overweight. It helps them to control their eating habits, which is vital if a person has any hope of keeping the weight off for good. Quick solutions like liposuction or crash diets normally don’t have lasting results since a person will usually return to their old eating habits immediately.

But weight loss hypnosis isn’t just a quick fix to weight loss, rather it is a life change, which ends up meaning losing the desired amount of weight and keeping it off.  Forever. Seriously. This is the safest weight loss a person can experience because it does nothing but change your negative thinking so you can develop healthy eating habits.

If you’re interested in weight loss hypnosis then get in touch with our trained hypnotherapist, David Meine, and see how he can help you!

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