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Weight Loss Hypnosis Myths Dispelled

hypnosis mythsQuestions and misconceptions often crop up about weight loss hypnosis. For those who don’t know much about “hypnotic suggestion therapy,” or who haven’t experienced it for themselves, it probably sounds downright weird.

Here’s the real deal about weight loss hypnosis. Let’s dispel those weight loss hypnosis myths.

Myth #1: Hypnosis is a Trance-like State

When you hear “weight loss hypnosis,” chances are you imagine a magician inviting a stranger to the stage and putting her into a trance amid “oohs” and “ahhs” from the crowd. (We did when we first heard about it.) Then we did some research and began to experiment with hypnosis, and here’s what we found.

Hypnosis is nothing more than intense focus. You are “hypnotized” into focusing, eliminating all the distractions that keep you from fully understanding and committing to your goals—in this case, your weight loss program. While it’s recommended that people not listen to hypnosis CDs while driving or doing other activities, that’s not because it puts you into a “deep sleep.” Rather, it’s important to be fully focused to get the benefits. Though you might absorb some of the messages on a subconscious level while sleeping, hypnosis can best communicate with your mind while you’re awake—zeroing right in on sabotaging habits, past experiences and negative stories lurking deep in your subconscious.

Weight loss hypnosis is extremely powerful, but it is self-hypnosis: you’re in full control and can leave the state of focused meditation whenever you choose.

Myth #2: Hypnosis is Phony

You might be surprised to learn that hypnosis as therapy (also called hypnotherapy) is not a new concept. It has been used by psychiatrists and therapists for years, perhaps even before it became a circus “trick.” Hypnosis is acknowledged and used by professionals for its potential to help us change deep-rooted habits and behaviors. You can read all about it in Psychology Today.

Hypnosis is not a new concept, but it is new to weight loss.

Before we began using weight loss hypnosis with our clients, we had been working with people who for years struggled with their weight. While we were successful in helping them reshape their body with nutrition and exercise, they still faced certain challenges in keeping off the weight, and we knew something was missing.

That thing turned out to be the mental component of weight loss. While everyone knows that proper diet and physical activity lead to weight loss, how often do they successfully master them? How do they stick to a regimen long-term and keep their ideal shape?

Well, without first addressing the psychological factors that led to weight gain in the first place… they don’t. That’s why people turn to hypnosis to create lifelong changes.

Myth #3: There’s Nothing Hypnosis Can Do That I Can’t Do for Myself

Some people resist hypnotherapy. “There is often the suspicion that being hypnotized could label them as being weak-willed, naive or unintelligent,” explains Deirdre Barrett, Ph.D., a clinical assistant professor at Harvard Medical School. “But in fact, modern research shows that hypnotizability is correlated with intelligence, concentration and focus,” she says.

Just as some don’t trust hypnotherapy, others don’t trust themselves. They fear that the breakthroughs they achieve with weight loss hypnosis will disappear when they turn off the CD player. But weight loss hypnotherapy is designed to prevent exactly that.

Research has shown that if you listen to hypnosis sessions for 20-30 minutes each day, after 30 days you will have been able to completely rewrite the thoughts and habits you targeted in those sessions. Repetition and reinforcement are the answer to making permanent changes to your mental landscape, which is why—when done properly—weight loss hypnosis works.

Journey Into Your Mind

Starting your weight loss journey in your mind is the only way to get lasting results. And it’s true that some people can, in fact, do it on their own. But most of us need help. After all, if it were so easy to pinpoint and correct the subconscious factors that lead to weight gain, why would any of us become—and get stuck—overweight?

IdealShape has created our own weight loss hypnosis audio series with the help of Master Certified Hypnotherapist Tammy Garner. Together we worked with Tammy to create CDs that fit seamlessly into our Body Shaping Program, and that have rewarded our clients with tremendous results in weight loss, as well as many other areas of their lives. To learn more, visit our Mastering the Mind section.


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