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Analogy of Hypnotherapy for weight loss – Training the Brain

cartoon-brain-1We’ve probably all had a friend who called us for advice about how to lose weight or change a specific negative pattern of behavior. At the time, the friend seemed to enthusiastically listen and agree with your advice. Yet, we later learn that our words of wisdom went in one ear and right out the other. This scenario is actually very similar to applying hypnotherapy to weight loss and understanding how it works.

When we are awake, in a conscious state, our thinking, rationalizing, and over-analyzing may often be very well intentioned. Yet, we are still unable to make a positive change, kick a nasty habit, or truly heed words of wisdom for sustainable weight loss.

The conscious mind is like a television where you are in charge of the remote control. However, if you are constantly flipping channels, trying to split the screen to watch four different things at once, or fruitlessly trying to ignore all the commercials, chances are you’ll probably end up exasperated and frustrated.

Hypnotherapy helps you push the mute button on that television of your mind, or at least turn down the volume of your mind’s constant whirlwind of static and white noise. When your mind is quieter and calmer, you can then take a few moments and focus on your commitment to weight loss.

Here is where IdealShape’s Audio Brain Training CD’s can be very helpful. Listening to the 15 minute exercise each day will get you focused on weight loss. You learn to visualize your ideal shape (goal setting), start removing old negative beliefs about weight loss, learn how to relax quickly and deeply, start accepting positive beliefs, and build your mental strength.

Using the analogy of the TV noise – it is imperative to get the mind relaxed and clear. The key is to have a mentor (coach) that can help you create a positive environment in the subconscious mind. David Meine wants to be your mentor for the mental side of weight loss. He has the certifications and experience to help you create the mental strength to succeed in your ideal shape goals.

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