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The Surprising Reason IdealBars Help You Cut Calories

It may seem counterintuitive, but eating more meals is one of the best ways to eat less. That’s why on IdealPlan, we have you eat five meals a day to accelerate fat loss.

Eating five small healthy meals a day (which means a meal or snack roughly every three hours) not only makes sense from a sustained energy standpoint, but this pattern helps you avoid two big dangers that make it IMPOSSIBLE to lose weight. These are: overeating and falling prey to salty, fatty, sugary foods.

Having a snacking strategy is your secret weapon to overcome these. I’ll show you how healthy snacking can make a world of difference for your weight loss, and how our hunger-blocking IdealBar designed with a powerful appetite suppressing ingredient (Slendesta®) will help you feel full on fewer calories!

How Snacking Helps to Avoid Overeating

Craving sweet food

Now, you’re probably used to hearing that snacking is a CULPRIT for overeating. Sure enough unconscious bites, licks and tastes can add up to hundreds of extra calories between meals. And sometimes when we’re eating salty or sugary foods we just don’t know when to quit.

But there’s another side to the snacking story.

Hunger is mostly mental. When we go for hours without eating — right up until the pangs in our stomach start calling out — we tend to dive into that next meal and overestimate our hunger level.

Have you ever been so hungry that you served yourself a huge helping or ordered extra side dishes, only to wind up full halfway through… but still eating? At this point, we’re using preconceived notions — not physical cues — to guide our forkfuls. And it happens all the time.

While snacking on unhealthy foods is a recipe for overeating, so is waiting until you’re starving. (And if you’re trying to cut back on calories as part of your diet, you’re going to get hungry!) So keeping a healthy snack, like a few IdealBars, in your purse or desk drawer means you always have something on hand to keep you out of the hunger danger zone.

And 140 healthy calories beats going hungry and overdoing it every time! Not too mention, it’s hunger-blocking ingredient Slendesta will keep you feeling full for up to 3 hours!

Snacking Can Actually REDUCE Junk Food Cravings

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Having big gaps between meals is a recipe for eating the wrong food. Studies show that hunger leads to poor decision-making.

What’s worse? People actually crave junk food when they’re starving. Not to mention, we’re more likely to insert high-calorie beverages into those meal gaps.

But I’ll notice that if I’ve eaten a healthy snack within the last hour or so, I’m not that interested in grabbing something to sip on. I certainly don’t dish up double-helpings at my next meal, and most importantly, I’m not forced to swing by a fast food drive-thru out of desperation.

So having a healthy snack on hand can save you from ending up in full sprint to the vending machine or the gas station. Since stress and sleepiness also lead to hankerings for unhealthy foods, a quick snack can save you from calorie doom when this strikes as well.

Why IdealBars are My Favorite Snack


IdealBars not only provide essential nutrients in a low-calorie bar, but they’re designed to wipe out both of the diet dangers mentioned above. They decrease hunger and manage cravings — which is THE SECRET to reducing calories every day.

IdealBars also fit well into a five-meal nutrition plan like IdealPlan. They’re 140 – 150 calories and contain a hunger-blocking formula for extra appetite control, derived from potato protein extract called Slendesta®. IdealBar is also formulated with an incredible fiber called VitaFiber, which is a soluble prebiotic that helps fertilize the good bacteria in our body. Each serving also provides vitamins, minerals, and a healthy amount of protein. How’s that for a well-rounded, hunger-blocking, delicious snack?

Eating an IdealBar as a snack makes it easy to keep breakfast, lunch and dinner at around 300-400 calories each, so you can eat fewer calories and lose weight!

It’s a perfect secret weapon to have on hand when unexpected cravings strike, and they’re easy to pack along and eat anywhere. You can throw them in your desk drawer at work, keep them in a jar in the kitchen, or even carry them in your purse. Anytime you need to satisfy your cravings and curb your hunger, go ahead and sink your teeth into one of our several delicious IdealBar Flavors.

Remember, the secret to crushing cravings and feeling satisfied is a happy belly! 😉

And trust me when I say that your belly and waistline will both love IdealBar weight loss snack bar. They come in a variety of delicious flavors like Blueberry Crisp, Double Chocolate, and Honey Roasted Almond. But because they’re low-cal you can feel confident in your snack decision. Plus, with our exclusive hunger-blocking blend of fiber, protein, and the proven hunger-blocker Slendesta, you’ll feel full for hours making it easy to cut calories and lose weight!

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