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New IdealShape Site: CEO Carla Meine Weighs In (Pun Intended)

Carla Meine CEOHi, I’m Carla Meine, CEO of IdealShape. I have a few things that I want to talk to you about. At some time or another, everybody will lose focus of their goals, it’s true for every single person and as we’ve found at IdealShape, it can be true for a company! In the last couple months we’ve been doing a lot of updating on our site and recently we’ve begun to realize that we’ve muddied the waters on what our mission statement is. If you have visited our site within the last few months, you might think it’s “sell, Sell, SELL!” and that’s not what we intended. Our true mission statement is “To assist individuals in transforming their mind and body for life, by using brain training, nutrition, and exercise. We do this by connecting experts and individuals in a community that fosters success.” and in order to accomplish this, we saw really great benefits in adding several products to our program that increase our clients’ success.

So, don’t get us wrong here, we still stand behind all of our products 100%, but that’s not why we do what we do. We’re not jumping for joy each time we get a product order on our site, no. When one of clients who has had issues with food all their life tells us; “Today I had to cater and stand behind a table full of donuts and treats for several hours and I wasn’t even tempted to grab anything. Normally, I would’ve eaten non-stop!” That’s when we break out the bubbly (it’s actually just fruit juice or something else healthy because we’re us but the thought is there). It’s stories like this that keep us loving the industry we’re in. We want to change lives for the better, and that’s what we do.

So what’s all this mean to you? Well, we’ve redesigned the site to make things more clear. We’re highlighting all of our free resources and putting focus back on your success, no matter what. Adding the meal replacement shakes, the supplements, and formatting the hypnosis cd’s for ease of use was costly but worth it. They’re great tools for you to use, but whether or not you’re going to add them to your fitness regimen, our goal remains the same. To help you get everything you want out of you. That’s why we try to keep our overhead low and pass the savings onto you.

We’ve worked to make this blog more easy to navigate because there’s a lot of great posts by our informed staff that can easily answer your questions. We also are getting lots of great questions at our sister site,, and not to toot my own horn or anything, but Ideal Cooking in Carla’s Kitchen is becoming a reputable source for nutrition plans and all things healthy. Still a little confused on what our hypnotherapy can do for your weight loss success? Not a problem! David Meine is running free webinars to help inform and allay any doubts or skepticism you might have. So if you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. I cannot stress enough how excited we are to launch this new initiative and bring IdealShape’s focus back into…well, focus.

So check us out and remember that our products are here if you want to add a little umph to your success. But our goal is to make you successful and happy with whatever plan you choose. Thanks for reading this and we’d love feedback on our new movement, so post comments and give us your thoughts!

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