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July Ship Shape Challenge Winners – Read Kelly’s & Mark’s Incredible Stories

We selected two Ship Shape Contest winners for July because their stories are both so powerful. Get ready to be inspired!

Mark Theismark-theis

Mark started drinking IdealShake a little over a year ago with the goal of losing 100 pounds, and he has lost 75 pounds!

Mark says that at 52, he feels better than he’s felt in 30 years. Here’s how he describes his life-changing weight loss journey…

“All I can say is when my mind was made up, my mind was made up. I have no excuse for getting fat. I just got lazy, loved to eat, and slowly packed it on. I never thought I looked very big when I looked at myself until I saw pictures. Then I got pretty depressed about it. I couldn’t believe how big I was. At 280 pounds and only 5 ft 9 in tall, I knew I was heavy but holy smokes. Doctors never said a thing even when I went in for my regular hypertension checkups. I knew 230/150 was not good.

So finally I made a decision, I need a change. I researched and found IdealShape meal replacement shakes. I knew in my mind what I needed to do, and now my heart was in it also. So I started two shakes a day and watched my carb intake religiously. Watched portion sizes: learned, learned, and learned some more.

Weight started coming off fairly quickly at first. 10 pounds, 20 pounds gone. Pretty soon it was 40 then 50 pounds… halfway to my goal of 100 pounds. I walked every day, multiple times a day, until walking wasn’t quite doing it. So I picked up the pace and found stairs to climb, not just ordinary stairs, these were Rocky Balboa type of stairs. Pretty soon I was running up those stairs every day.

Now along with my two daughters and future son in law (I hope), we run. Three 5k marathons this year so far, including The Warrior dash up and down ski slopes. I run every day that I can, up to five miles. I am officially down 75 pounds, and owe it all to what IdealShape has done for me.”

Mark says “that last 25 pounds has been a beast,” but we know he can do it!

kelly-smith-idealshape-3-ssc-06 (1)Kelly Smith

Before hearing about IdealShake from people in her office, Kelly was more than 350 pounds.

The 43-year-old Tennessee mom had been “on every diet known to man.” She would always lose 10, 15 or 20 pounds and get bored, then gain it back. One year later, it’s incredible to hear how she accomplished her amazing feat…

“On May 27, 2013 – the start date of my journey – I weighed 355 pounds. I wore a size 38 women’s pant and a 5XL man’s shirt. I couldn’t even walk in the park for more than a half mile at a very slow pace without having to sit down and rest.

In 2013, I knew I had to travel long distance three times for work. Oh the dreaded Fat Lady Flying. Yeah I understand small people hate sitting next to big fat ladies on a plane, but the agony I went through was so painful it is truly hard to express. I would take hours trying to find the right flight, so I could pick the one-seat row and not encroach on someone else’s space. I was so afraid that I would board a plane and be told ‘you are too big – you cannot fly today.’ I would get to the airport and watch all the people who had to board and wonder who would be thinking ‘great SHE’s sitting next to me.’

Everyone around me knew I was fat, I knew I was fat, but until I was in the right mindset to lose the weight, none of that mattered. When I started with IdealShake I thought ‘I’ll just have one for breakfast so at least I won’t have my bacon biscuits.’ I’ve been fat my whole life so I was like, yeah, this won’t work. But it was the push I needed.

Now when I run into people I have not seen in a while, many have to do double-takes because they don’t recognize me and that makes me feel even more amazing. One thing I REALLY want to do is ride a roller coaster – now I can. Oh and flying – no issue, no need for a seat belt extender – just a walk in the park now. I go to the gym and am able to walk/run on the treadmill for almost 4 miles in just 1 hour.

Before I said to myself I would never ‘diet’ again, well this is not a diet, it is a journey. A way of life. A change to my whole concept of food and eating. If IdealShakes and IdealBars didn’t taste good or work, there is no way I could have accomplished this major feat – so THANK YOU so very much – for both the product and the support. I also want to thank all my family and friends for their encouraging words.”

Kelly faced weight restrictions all her life, but not anymore. This summer she went parasailing! UPDATE: As of October, Kelly has lost 188 lbs!

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By Chelsea Ratcliff

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