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Building the Foundation To Your IdealShape Ebook

A Peek Inside the First IdealShape eBook…

A crash course in nutrition, fitness and mindset—that you can take on-the-go!

ebookDo you need a fitness program that works with your busy schedule? Practical diet and nutrition advice? Effective, adaptable exercise routines—and solid ways to stay on track?

The IdealShape™ Fitness and Weight Loss eBook is your ticket to all of this. Called “Building the Foundation for Successful Weight Loss and Maintenance,” it’s just that: a collection of proven health, fitness and nutrition principles, organized for optimum results. The author, Skyler Meine, is a Certified Personal Trainer with a BS in Exercise Science. So it’s like having a personal trainer by your side as you embark on your weight loss journey.


Not when you have the right resources! Our eBook combines the components of the IdealPlan—our complete home-based weight loss program—in a succinct portable format.

Here’s something we’ve noticed about weight loss programs: the higher the cost, the lower their staying power. Dietitians and nutritionists are typically the most expensive and shortest lived solutions. Personal trainers and gym memberships are less expensive, but still difficult to work into one’s schedule over the long haul. On average, people use them consistently for less than one year. Have you noticed that the knowledge and drive you get with these programs seems to vanish once you stop going?

That’s what makes a home-based program so much more effective. First, it’s convenient: take your book with you so you can apply the knowledge when you need it; read it when you have a free minute; and work out when and where it works for you. Two, it’s affordable. And three, it’s sustainable: you get the tools you need to lose weight independently and maintain your IdealShape for life.


Our eBook is complete, basic and easy to follow. If you’re new to exercise, or are overweight or obese, this is where to start! The book contains a wealth of expert knowledge and helps you put it into practice. You won’t get this information surfing the Internet or hobnobbing at the gym. And its convenient format means you have anytime access to your weight loss “toolkit.”

This eBook will take you through those tough first 30 days. But the principles you gain will last for life. And this powerful, well-rounded weight loss guide is organized in a way that makes sense. You’ll start with your mind, then build your fitness program, and finally you’ll come to understand how you can use nutrition as your weight loss ammunition.

MASTERING THE MIND: In this section, we explain how your mindset relates to your weight loss, and how you can harness it for success. In addition to explaining what it means to “master your mind,” we show you the five keys to gearing your mind for successful weight loss. You’ll learn how to stay focused and eliminate distractions, and more!

FITNESS PROGRAM: The heart of the eBook is a step-by-step guide to five target areas: muscle release, active stretching, resistance training, core and cardio. Focus on these and you’ll get efficient and effective fat burn. We give you fitness routines for all five areas, with clear descriptions and pictures to follow. The best part? You can do the workouts anywhere. You’ll also discover common muscle myths, techniques to triple your fat burn, and how to time your workouts for best results.

As a bonus, the eBook includes corresponding weekly calendars and detailed training worksheets to help you stay on track!

NUTRITION PLAN: Here we give you the inside scoop on what, when and how much to eat in order to accelerate weight loss. We’ll tell you how to create that caloric deficit critical to losing excess fat. And we’ll teach you how to time your protein shakes and other foods in order to build muscle, get energy, or feel full at just the right times. Wondering why your body holds onto fat instead of converting it to energy? Find out in our eBook, and find out how you can change it.


The best part about the IdealShape eBook is that it delivers an explanation of each principle in clear, beginner’s language. Our goal is to educate people about how to achieve lifelong health and fitness; not to keep you in the dark so we can keep making money. By answering the “why,” “when” and “how” of our fitness tools—in addition to telling you “what” to do—you will build a deep understanding of the principles of weight loss.

The eBook does more than tell you how to lose weight today; it teaches you how to stay in your IdealShape for life. And that’s the real measure of successful weight loss. The choice is yours: expensive, short-lived program or the IdealShape eBook—everything you need to know to get in shape, right at your fingertips!

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