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‘IdealShape For Life’ Our New Health Book

health book‘IdealShape for Life’ is our new health book and we’ve finally been able to release it to the store. This is a great addition to any fitness routine as it is divided into three sections that help ensure your success.

The first part gives you the skinny on brain training. It talks about why we have the unhealthy habits we have and how to go about changing them. Next we have our fitness section that gives you a simple exercise routine that you can set up out of your home with ease. Finally, Carla has created a great nutrition section that talks about what you need to be eating to get your calorie count down and increase your intake of important vitamins and minerals.

It’s the complete package. It works in tandem with our products or on its own to help you understand why you may have had trouble in the past on diets. Most importantly, we’re giving it to our longtime fans for free!

Yeah, that’s right, in tomorrow’s IdealShape Newsletter we’re hosting a link to download the entire book for free. If you haven’t signed up for the Newsletter, I would suggest you get on it because this opportunity is not going to last. In fact, this deal is only going to be up for a week before we put an actual price tag on this beauty.

To further give you an understanding of what this book is about, I’ve gone ahead and posted the Foreword for you to check out:


It‘s not a new concept in society, nor is it one that is likely to go away any time soon. Throughout history; from Helen of Troy, the face that launched a thousand ships, to Cleopatra, to biblical references of entire kingdoms collapsing over a single batted eyelash. It‘s a part of who we are.

Neither history nor Hollywood has been kind to the obese person. There were the occasional side-kicks like Lou Costello or Fatty Arbuckle, as well as John Belushi, Chris Farley, and John Candy, whose bigger-than-life antics made us chuckle on occasion. But as a general rule, there is no room for plumpness in tinsel town…or anywhere for that matter.

Beauty is no longer just in Hollywood. It‘s everywhere. In the fast paced, always on, always connected world we are surrounded by news, entertainment, and tabloid sensationalism about, and delivered by, beautiful people.

Slim is in.

Our olfactory senses are dominated by this mantra. And while it‘s not even slightly politically correct to say that “fat is out”; it‘s an inherent truth in the world around us. The most informed medicine, fitness and health care professionals all agree. Obesity is killing us. Now it‘s not about getting the girl; it‘s about your life, your happiness, and your well-being.

So what do we do about it?


That‘s a huge percent. An ‘A‘ in any class you‘re taking, and getting 19 out of 20 correct on a test is awesome. If you could be right 19 out of 20 times think about how successful you‘d be? Unfortunately, that number is a statistic of failure. On any program, any weight loss plan you enact, statistics say that within 1 year you have a 95% chance of ending exactly where you started, or worse off than when you began.

The health industry is built on false promises and unobtainable dreams yet we all just keep coming back for more. Why do we exhibit this kind of behavior? Because it‘s either this or admit defeat and give up on our ideal body shape.

The average dieter is constantly battling with themselves. They dislike their body but dislike dieting and exercise even more. They wrestle with self-esteem, rejection, and disgust but are stuck because the simple pleasure of giving in to our temptation is just too powerful. Cocaine, alcohol, pornography, and heroin are all drugs that trigger massive amounts of dopamine to receptors in the brain. Surprise, surprise, so does food.

So how do we fix it?

Let‘s start with acknowledging that weight is a mental issue. Weight loss takes huge amounts of commitment. Exercising and achieving good eating habits takes a ton of perseverance. The enemy isn‘t your body fat; its discouragement, and it will kill a diet faster than you can say “pass the gravy”.

What we want is simple.

“Give us something that really works!” we cry, but we don‘t want to acknowledge an inescapable truth. Get out some water because this is going to be hard to swallow.

“Something that works” isn’t going to turn you into Brad Pitt or Jessica Alba.

This is a promise that‘s been made by every dieting company under the sun. It‘s a demand that‘s made on us by society and it‘s not fair. You and I; we can‘t get that perfect body because there are too many insurmountable obstacles between us and the idea. Things in our genes that just don’t care how many salads we are eating per week.

The real irony is that if you took one of those people, anyone you idolize and told them they have the perfect body, what would they do? They would laugh. They might even go on to list a dozen features they wish they could change about themselves because nobody‘s perfect. Perfection is unobtainable.

I‘m going to say that again because it merits repeating: Perfection is Unobtainable.

Alright, now you‘re probably thinking,  ̳then why am I even reading this book if you‘re not going to help me get what I want?!‘

Here‘s why. I‘m going to give you something that really works.

Every single body is as different as fingerprints and DNA. One body shape is not right for another, and the way to achieve a shape that is just right is going to come from an intelligent approach that understands your brain dynamics. You need to know about your body and the science of wellness and how they work with your brain. Pull them apart and you might as well be trying to drive a car without an engine.

I‘m going to show you how to reach your ideal shape because I‘m going to show you how to properly define your ideal shape. I‘m going to show you that being 5‘8″ and 105 lbs. is not what you need to strive for (and, actually, isn‘t healthy). I‘m going to help you be successful by giving you new guidelines for success that can be achieved. I‘m going to show you how to overcome your doubts. I‘m going to show you how to commit to obtainable goals.

“Stop dieting and Start Shaping!”

It‘s been our war cry since IdealShape opened its doors eight years ago and we will shout it over the multitude of false promises and Hollywood fad diets until we‘re blue in the face. Because we know, as cliché as it sounds; as Dorothy learned in the Wizard of Oz, ‘you‘ve had the power in you all along.‘

Your shape is yours to define. It‘s in your power to achieve and control the ideal shape you‘ve been seeking. It‘s right within your grasp. It‘s sitting right there in front of you.

It’s the shape of things to come.

Well, there you have it. Remember to Sign Up for The Newsletter to get your free copy of this amazing book. And if you do get your copy and give it a read, feel free to let us know what you think!

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