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IdealShape and The Balancing Act on Lifetime TV

IdealShape on LifeTimeWe’re going to be on Lifetime TV.  Can you believe it?  Our company is being featured for our meal replacement shake and our brain training on a reality show called “The Balancing Act”.  It’s a health and wellness segment they do each Monday.. They’re following the journey of four women trying to lose weight.


On May 30th we had the opportunity to go to Florida and meet the women (three of them anyway-the fourth one was out of the country).  That’s when they taped the segment we will be on.  The women were so delightful and excited to meet with us and find out what IdealShape was all about.  David spent over an hour with each one of them the day before the taping.  Getting to know them, their different challenges and some of the things that have stopped them in the past from losing the weight or keeping it off if they did lose.


The next day they filmed our segment.  David spent time on air talking with them about hypnosis and why it can be effective in helping people to lose weight.  How the brain is the most important part of the equation if you ‘re truly going to make any significant change in your life.  As the women asked him questions it was obvious they were a little skeptical (who isn’t) when it comes to working on the brain.  He showed them the CD’s and taught them how they could use them on their own.  It was funny by the end of his segment they both wanted a private session with him after the cameras went off.  I guess they changed their mind about hypnosis.


Next was my turn to show them how easy the shake was to make and how tasty it is. They both had experienced terrible tasting protein shakes so you could tell they were a little hesitant to drink it.  After their first sip they both exclaimed how good it tasted and proceeded to drink the whole bottle.  I would have loved to have had time to make them smoothies from the mix to show them how easy that is and how good those tasted but we had run out of time.


Here’s some things I learned after this experience.  First, I would never want to be on a reality TV show.  After watching what these women have been through for the past 5 months, no thanks.  They are taping several shows a week plus living their busy lives with careers, husbands and children.  Second I love what I do and how we help people.  Even though this was difficult for us to do we’ve already heard back from the women on how much they love our products and how it’s helping them to achieve their goals.  We change peoples’ lives and that’s exciting.  Last I’m not made for TV.  The sitting around waiting for hours, then finally taping the show for over 90 minutes only to be on for 3 minutes just isn’t my idea of productivity.  I could think of a hundred other things I could have done with that time.


After all that, I’m still glad we went.  I’m glad we’re helping these four women and potentially many others to achieve their ideal shape and keep it for the rest of their lives.  Be sure to tune in and watch us on July 16th at 7 AM EST/PT.  We’d love to hear what you think.

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