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Need Additional Motivation? Check Out IdealShape’s Pinterest

02H66314Are you like me, where you’ve been sitting in the doctor’s office fake coughing to subtly tear out a great product or recipe from one of the countless stacks of magazines sitting in the waiting room? It’s almost worth the disapproving glare from the receptionist because sometimes I have a bad memory and I’m afraid I’ll forget by the time I get home. I have to admit that I’ve done this on occasion. (Sorry!)

I’ve had many a corkboard with pictures, quotes, shopping lists, recipes etc. tacked on it for good measure. It really helps if you’re a visual person like me. Which is why I love Pintrest so much.

If you don’t know what Pintrest is, it’s a virtual pinboard that lets you share and organize all the awesome things you find on the web.

People are using them to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, discover new things and get inspiration from people who share their interests. And the best part is… you can browse pinboards created by other people and find products that they love and are using! Which leads us to why IdealShape loves it!

Like I said, I am a very visual person so I can read a recipe for a great smoothie and it will spike my interest, but… to see a picture of the yummy shake in a tall frosty glass along with the ingredients like a fresh peach and red juicy raspberries makes me “Pin it!”

Being able to show pictures of our recipes for smoothies, work out ideas and our iShaper’s successes helps inspires us and remind of us of why we do what we do! We are able to gain great ideas from others boards as well! It is a win – win situation!

There used to be a tradition when a college man, usually a member of a fraternity or similar group, gave his girlfriend a “pin” as a symbol of their “going steady” or commitment to one another. So simple and yet profound! We might not be going steady but we do commit to helping you be the Ideal Person you are meant to be! We truly care about our iShapers and we love it when you “Repin” or “Like” or “Share” our Pins and we hope it’s okay for us to share your pins as well.

So I guess we just need to ask you a question…Will you accept our “Pin”?

Follow us on Pinterest and let’s get pinning!

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