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The Importance of Hydration for Weight Loss

brainwaterOn the west side of Maui, Hawaii is a beautiful white beach with exotic trees and plants. I close my eyes and let myself picture the surroundings as I sit in my most comfortable beach chair. Sometimes I see myself laying on one of five hammocks connected between the palm trees. The grounds are covered in the most vibrant green grass. The flowers are bright and beautifully colored. I visualize this place, take three deep breaths, and enter a most relaxing and peaceful state of mind.

What is the one critical element this amazing place needs to exist? Water! Most years the plants and trees are bright and stunning. But some years they are dull and wilted due to a lack of hydration.

How much of your brain is water? A newborn baby’s brain is 78% water and a healthy adult’s brain is 70% water. Let’s visualize the following scenes a little more and think about my favorite place on earth. While sitting on my comfortable beach chair, a tanker truck drives up to hydrate the grass and plants. The truck is filled with a beverage loaded with caffeine, sugar, chemicals, and water. Out jumps a famous celebrity who begins to spray the concoction all over the place and states how it’s going to make everything brighter and happier. Let’s visualize the other scene too—a nurse wraps a beautiful, newborn baby boy in a blanket and hands him back to his mother. The nurse then hands the mother a bottle filled with a beverage loaded with caffeine, sugar, chemicals, and water. Immediately the doctor and nurse break out in chorus about how the beverage brings health and happiness.

What happens to the newborn baby boy or Hawaii beach spot after a day, week, month, or year when hydrated in the manner I described above? The baby and beach area would become sick and wouldn’t function correctly. Pure water is the key to health and survival.

My research into a healthy and functioning brain led me to abandon all beverages but water. Further research led me to understand what is stored in fats cells and how critical water is in carrying out toxins from the body. Literally billions of people on this earth are not adequately hydrated. Their brains and bodies are not functioning properly.

Adequate hydration is key to losing weight and keeping weight off. If you are struggling with negative thinking, beverages other than water are likely a strong, contributing factor. For more information about health and hydration, check out the chapter, “The Dangerous Effects of Dehydration,” from my book Think: Use Your Mind to Shrink Your Waistline. Happiness isn’t found in a bottle—unless it’s filled with pure, sparkling water.

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