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The Most Important First Step For Success

step for successWhen was that moment you really decided you wanted to get healthier? When did you decide that enough was enough, things needed to change? For some of us it’s a story, an event; a low point. Others it was just a realization that you weren’t where you wanted to be one day.

Suddenly you were motivated to do things differently. Maybe you jumped online to start researching ways to get healthier. Or maybe you dusted off the treadmill that’s been decaying in your closet since your well-meaning family members got it for you as a Christmas present–bless their tactless souls.

The point, however, is that every decision started in your head, it kind of has to. Just like every unhealthy choice started in your head as well. Making a conscious decision to change your health is the first most important step for success in weight loss. Your thoughts make up a huge part of being successful in living healthier. That being said, here’s the million dollar question: right now, what is your ideal shape? More importantly, do you truly believe in your heart of hearts that you can obtain it? That you will meet that goal?

The sad truth is that for many of us when we ask that question, a thousand doubts creep up in our mind.

“I’ve tried losing weight dozens of time, each time I’ve been motivated but then somehow I fail. What’s going to be different this time?’

That! Right there! Hear that voice? That’s the reason you’ve failed.

It’s not your metabolism, or your spouse, or the plateaus: those are just contributors.

They’re manageable. Each time you fall, you can get back up again as long as you don’t give into that voice.

So how do you go about silencing that voice? To be honest, I don’t know if it can ever be silenced. To me, the saying, “I never had a doubt” is disingenuous and perpetuates a terrible rumor. It says that those who achieved something did so without feeling-at any moment-that they wouldn’t succeed. It makes us feel that our doubts are more valid because successful people don’t have doubts.

You know what? They do. We all have that voice, but what successful people do is drown it out.

They create a voice ten times louder that knows they’re going to be successful. You have to believe in yourself and be able to acknowledge that every slip up is not the end of the world. That every plateau is just a new obstacle that you will eventually push through because nothing is going to stop you from your overall goal. Not this time. This time things are different. This time your brain is in the game.

So, how do you build that voice? The overpoweringly confident one? Well, that’s what Building a Foundation is all about. It not only helps you visualize your goal, but it helps reinforce your confidence. It says, ‘This is you, see that person in your head? The ideal you. That’s you. From here on out and for the rest of your life, that’s you.”

Now, whether you use the CD or not, you need to acknowledge that voice somehow. You need to find a way that works for you to drown it out. Otherwise, the motivation you feel right now will fade, and all that’s left will be those thoughts.

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