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Ironing Out A Heart Healthy Meal for Valentines

heart healthy Valentines Day meals with ironIt’s Valentine’s Day and one of the best ways to celebrate is a delicious candlelit dinner with the one you love. Since Valentine’s Day is all about the heart, let’s discuss some heart-healthy delicious ideas for you and your sweetheart to keep your love (and hearts) lasting longer…

Iron has huge benefits when it comes to your heart, so choosing foods that are high in iron will be healthy. Iron’s main role is to help carry oxygen from your lungs to your muscles, heart, and other organs. As a muscle, your heart and other organs need energy to function properly. Diets low in iron cause fatigue, headaches, and irritability.

So let’s super-charge your heart with some iron-rich meals! Read on to see what heart-healthy foods you can eat:

Iron in Seafood

If you and your special someone fancy seafood then look no further than shellfish for appetizers. Clams, mollusks, oysters, and mussels make mouth-watering appetizers and can come with their own serving tray for sharing. Here’s an easy recipe for steamed mussels that is going to be delicious and full of iron for you.

Iron in Salads

If seafood isn’t your thing then making a delicious salad with high levels of magnesium is going to be a great thing for your heart. In fact, some doctors say that we, as a nation, could cut our instances of heart disease in half if we included more magnesium in our diet. For hints, check out this recipe for a tasty Spinach Salad.

Iron in Your Main Meal

For the Entrée, you’re going to have a lot of options. Beef and turkey are going to be a delicious way to incorporate more iron into your diet, so if you want to do a steak dinner, go for it. Meat and soy are very rich in iron, so be creative. You can also try some roasted asparagus as a side because that’s a delicious side dish that helps make your dinner pop.

Iron in Dessert

For dessert, let’s not get too crazy. I mean, yeah you want to be healthy, but it’s Valentine’s Day and we all need our sweet fix. There are some great foods that are high in Vitamin B and Potassium, which are great heart healthy minerals that work for dessert. You could bake your loved one a delicious sweet potato pie, or if you’re looking for simple, yet tasty, try some chocolate-dipped fruits like strawberries and bananas.

Remember, eating healthy doesn’t always mean eating what you don’t like. So indulge in a delicious Valentine’s dinner and make it a heart healthy holiday!

By Randy Gustman

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