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iShaper Challenge is Over For May

It’s now June which means our May iShaper Challenge is over. We’ve gotten some great feedback on what people liked/disliked about it. We’ve also made a few changes during the month, and we plan on refining it for a relaunch in July so stay tuned for that.


For us, it has been quite fun to involve the community into our process and we’re really happy with the results. If you set up a jar, go ahead and keep filling it if that seems to be working for you, I know I will be.


In the meantime, we did promise our iShaper friends that participated with us in the challenge a little something. So, if you participated in the iShaper challenge go ahead and click on the chest below to see the ‘epic loot’ that you got. Just a little thank you from the IdealShape team.

iShaper challenge

If you have not shown us how you did on the iShaper challenge, feel free to head over to our facebook page and post a picture of your jar. Then, let us know what you thought. We encourage all types of feedback on what you liked and maybe didn’t like about the challenge.

We’ll be talking to our staff and having them post pictures of their jars and their thoughts in general as well!


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