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January Winner: Chrissy Fink

It’s February which means it’s time to announce another winner in the IdealShape Challenge contest! This month we couldn’t help but choose Chrissy Fink who is a 49 year old grandmother of 11 who decided she needed to get healthy for her grandchildren.

Chrissy is amazing and I sat down to speak with her over the phone about her wonderful transformation:

“I started about a year ago,” she told me, “I wanted to get healthier for my grand kids and I didn’t want to hit 50 years old feeling like I was 50.”

She had been on other weight loss products before, but when she went online to research she decided to give IdealShape a try. She also joined a ‘couch to 5k’ program to incorporate walking. “The shakes tasted good and I’ve tried others, but the IdealShake just seemed to be the one that started giving me results.”

Not that they were always the results that she wanted, mind you…

“I had no idea how much weight I had lost because I threw my scale away, no matter what it said, it made me depressed.”

So she focused on areas where she could see the success and track her progress better for herself.

“Instead of focusing on weight, I looked at other successes. I normally wear a 22W and this last weekend I tried on, zipped and buttoned size 12 jeans! Never did I think I’d see that again!”

She’s been walking and training for a year now and hopes to participate in a half-marathon by the end of 2014! Chrissy reminds us that pounds on a scale aren’t what indicate success. Success is being healthier, happier and feeling better. Success is how we define it for ourselves.

We can’t wait to meet her this Fall in Park City and wish her the best of luck on winning the 7-day cruise through the Caribbean.

Have you had some success with your healthy lifestyle goals? Well send us your story and your photos. You could be the next IdealShape Challenge winner!

Thank you again, Chrissy, you’re an inspiration!



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