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June’s Ship Shape Challenge Winner

It’s getting pretty exciting around the IdealShape offices when it comes to the Ship Shape Challenge. With only 3 months left we’re busy planning the trip to Salt Lake that all of our winners are taking. Trips to the Olympic park and photo shoots and just getting to be around these awesome people who have made great changes in their lives is really exciting for us. Not to mention the whole, we get to give one of the winners a cruise! (With your help of course)

The contest is really heating up so if you’re hoping to snag one of those final three spots, head over to the Ship Shape Challenge page and submit your entry! We’d love to hear your story because these stories really are the reason we do what we do.

Stories like Jenna Leach, who found her motivation and got back to the place that made her happy!

June challenge winner

I am A 27 Year old, stay at home mother of 2, I have a two year old and a 5 month old. After I had my first, I had a lot of trouble getting the weight off.   I weighed 186 pounds and I never really thought too much about it. One day, I started going back through an old photo album and it was startling to realize, how I let my body go. I was using pregnancy as a excuse. I kept eating like I was pregnant and thought the weight was going to fall off, and of course it didn’t.

I was looking for ways to improve my health and eating habits when I came across IdealShape. My motivation was when my husband left for deployment I did not want him to come home to me looking the same overweight person. So I started the program three months ago and I am down to 132 now; I lost 6 dress sizes and 54 lbs!

I love IdealShape and instead of skipping meals and then eating whatever is on the go, I just throw the shake in my blender bottle and go. I always carry it with me so I don’t have the urge to eat unnecessary food. I substitute my morning meal and lunch with it almost everyday, excluding m cheat day during the weekend.  I cleaned out my kitchen of the junk food and looked for healthier versions of my favorite recipes.  I never get sick of the shake because I am always changing it up making it taste different with various fruits or pb2. I stopped telling myself “I can’t” and said “I can” or “I will” from that point on!

Thank you Jenna and congratulations on your amazing results!

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