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5 Fitness Enemies…and How to Fight Them

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Hey fighters, Kaytlin Neil here! I’m an MMA fighter, fitness buff and my lifelong dream was to become a personal trainer (and I did). But fitness isn’t always a breeze… not even for those of us who are already in shape. If you’re trying to choose an exercise and eating plan that will get you results without getting you down, then you’re probably struggling. We all do! Sometimes it seems like no fitness plan has it all.

Here are my 5 biggest fitness enemies… and I’m going to tell you how to bust all of them with one epic roundhouse kick.

1. Workouts Are Boring

Running on the treadmill? You’d rather watch paint dry.
Bouncing around on the elliptical? Ditto.
Yoga? “Clearing your mind” isn’t really your thing.

Yes, working out can be boring. But it doesn’t have to be boring! I’ve found a tried-and-true method of exercise that I never get tired of… but I’m not gonna share it with you just yet 😉

If you’re sick of doing the same things to get in shape day in and day out, I’ve got a couple of hints for you. Two of the keys to fitness success are:

1) Finding exercise that you love, and

2) Making sure that you can switch it up.

2. Meal Plans Are Too Strict

If you’ve tried a fitness plan that includes meal plans before, you may have found it almost impossible to stick to it for more than a few days. Sure, you see results… but you can’t keep progressing and you can’t maintain your new body because the meal plans required are so strict and so time-consuming!

Luckily, losing weight and improving your fitness does not require such strict eating. You don’t have to eat precisely at 8am, 12pm, and 6pm, you don’t have to time your snacks, your day is not ruined just because you ate a bagel for breakfast or accidentally switched your 10am and 3pm snacks.

There is another way. And it involves PB&Js and plenty of flexibility!

3. Workouts Are Too Long

Not only can workouts be super boring, they can also feel like they will never end. If you’ve ever tried to lose weight by jogging or swimming, then you know what I’m talking about. And you may even have found that you barely saw any results no matter how many hours per week you spent pounding the pavement or going endlessly back and forth in the pool.

Spending an hour or more every day working out just isn’t practical for about 98% of the population. We’ve got other things to do! We’ve got to get to work, we’ve got to make dinner, we’ve got to pick up the kids, we have projects and chores and hobbies that don’t involve exercise.

But you don’t have to devote your entire life to fitness just to get in shape and stay that way. If you exercise efficiently and eat right, you can make it happen in 30 minutes a day. Seriously.

4. It Takes Too Long to See Results

Woman Checking Her Weight On A Scale

So it’s boring and time-consuming and really really tough, but you totally stuck with it and you’ve been following a strict exercise and meal plan for what feels like ages. It’s time for a check-in, and you’re excited! Surely you’re going to see some amazing results. You step onto the scale full of hope, and… NOPE. You haven’t lost a single pound. Now you’re feeling totally depressed and you can’t even bother to keep going. Why try?

No fitness plan can offer you instant results. That’s just not how our bodies work. But if you’re going to slog through workouts and meal plans for any length of time, you want to see some changes.

And that’s 100% possible.

5. You Have No Support

This is a big one. If you don’t have people around you to keep you accountable, to motivate you, and to be there when you’re feeling down, your fitness plan just won’t work. Most of us aren’t lucky enough to have a sister, mother, best friend, or partner who shares all of our fitness goals and knows exactly what we’re going through! This makes it really hard to keep going when the going gets tough.

You need a community of people to lean on when it’s tough to stick to your meal plan, when you’re tempted to skip your workout, when you feel like you don’t have time, when you just need some tips, tricks, and motivation to keep you on your plan!

Here’s How I Do It

I created a fitness Challenge to help people just like you beat boredom, make the most of their time, learn to eat right, and see RESULTS… all with tons of support from me and from other Challenge members.

How does it bust boredom? These workouts are MMA-inspired, which means they’re fast-paced and super fun every single time. Plus, no two workouts are the same.

How does it make healthy eating possible? Unlike many other fitness plans, the meal plans I include are simple, delicious, and totally flexible. You get a huge list of allowed foods and a calorie limit so you can do what you want and still see results.

How does it make exercise efficient? My workouts are under 30 minutes a day. That’s right: you need less than half an hour to complete a full MMA-inspired workout that burns calories and boosts your metabolism!

How does it get me results? This Challenge might be flexible and fun, but it’s not easy. My workouts will bust your butt and my meal plans will show you how to eat healthy. And that means you’ll see results in just 15 days!

How does it give me support? You’ll be part of a private Facebook group just for Fight the Fat Challengers. I’ll be there to answer questions and give tips and support, and so will all of the other Challengers who know exactly how you’re feeling.

Ready to FIGHT the FAT? Let’s go!

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