Kelli Herbert

“Seriously, I’m probably lucky to be alive,” Kelli Herbert told us at the Ship Shape Challenge retreat this past September. Like so many, her weight loss journey spans years and is riddled with obstacles.

At 368 pounds, Kelli knew she needed to find a solution. But she had a career that demanded 90-hour workweeks. When she turned to bariatric surgery, it actually made the problem worse.

Despite trying numerous diet and weight loss programs, nothing would stick. She gained and lost 50 pounds, over and over and over again. Her back and knees were killing her. And a bigger danger loomed: diabetes and heart disease run on both sides of her family.

Looking for more motivation and a program she could stick to, Kelli came across the IdealShape Up Challenge. That was in July of 2011 and today she has lost 145 pounds!

So what finally clicked for Kelli? “It’s easy,” she says. The short workouts combined with IdealShakes and IdealBars was a convenient plan that fit into her life. “I don’t think I ever did my diet right … and we all know it’s 80 percent diet,” she says. “I was living on fast food.” But IdealShake was an equally fast and much healthier option.

Kelli won’t say her journey has been easy, but with IdealShape it got a little easier and she had the dedication to see it through. Today her friends and family say she has her “spark” back.

“I have the confidence to go out there and just be who I am,” Kelli says. Watch her #MyIdeal video to find out how she got her health and her life back!

andy haigh

andy haigh

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