Ken Lost 34 Pounds!

I have always loved to exercise. Anything that uses my body and mind is a fun and exciting activity. At the age of eight, I was playing in my first Little League game. At bat, I hit the ball a ‘country mile’. Being on the farm team, we didn’t have a fence, so one had to race around the bases before the ball was thrown back. I was tagged out at home—not even close. The players from the other team began chanting, “Fatty fatty two by four can’t get through the kitchen door”. I couldn’t believe they were talking about me!

Well it was true, I was fat. During the day, I mostly wear loose exercise clothing. With my busy schedule, I got into the habit of eating on the run with a lot of high concentrated calorie and fat foods. Although I noticed that I had gained some weight, I passed it off as “deal with it later”. Last October, I weighed 240 pounds and it showed! Then Kate came home with the Idealshape information

To date, I weigh 206 pounds, 34 pounds gone forever!

andy haigh

andy haigh

Writer and expert

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