Kim Ratliff

As a university professor, a wife and a mother of two young children, Kim had a lot to live for. But a year ago, she started questioning whether her life was worth living.

As a child, Kim endured traumatic childhood experiences that led to using comfort foods as a coping mechanism. It’s something many people can relate to. And over the years, the pattern stuck for Kim and she put on weight cyclically. After a difficult pregnancy, she reached her highest, 240 pounds.

“My weight always fluctuated,” Kim Ratliff says. “I have sizes in my closet from size 18 to a size 4 … so I basically have a store in my closet.”

But Kim’s life wasn’t going the way she wanted it. She wasn’t able to participate in activities with her boys, and the guilt and embarrassment made her want to withdraw even further. “My boys deserve better. My family deserves better,” she thought.

Kim knew she needed to make a major change, starting with her health and shedding excess weight that she felt was holding her back. She started looking for a solution and found IdealShape. “It was the thing that stepped in and took over when nothing else was working,” she says.

After months of hard work, Kim has achieved her ideal shape and says she feels more confident in every area of life. “My husband has told me that I inspire him,” she says. When we met Kim at the Ship Shape retreat this past fall, she inspired all of us too! Watch her #MyIdeal video to hear her heart-warming story.

andy haigh

andy haigh

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