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Back to Sanity. What Should You Do?: Life Long Weight Loss

lifelong weight lossHere we go with another tightrope walk that is the discussion of competitor products. Many of you might remember the HCG article we printed and the email response and comments that we got were…impassioned, to say the least. Even on a product that has received much more scathing reviews than ours. So let me clarify that we don’t think that Insanity Workout is a bad thing, in fact, our resident fitness experts give it a thumbs up.

So where’s the problem? Well, Insanity workout defines itself as a 60 day program. There are clear before and after shots of people achieving terrific results…but it’s how clearly they define the “after” that seems to make us do the double-take. What are you supposed to do after 2 months of this? How are you supposed to create life long results with a product that, by their own admission, is insanely difficult to stick with?

The honest answer? You don’t.

These products are tactfully advertising themselves as a yo-yo diet, and they do it well. (I watched the infomercial clutching my credit car in one hand and a phone in the other and I already work for a fitness company.) “After 60 days you’re going to look incredible!” they say, and you think “awesome!” but there is that part in the back of your mind saying ‘but…uh…what happens after these 2 months?”

Goal setting is a huge part of being successful, but what kind of goals are we setting for ourselves? Your goals should have neither a timer nor an expiration date. If you want to create lasting success, you need to find out why you have the habits you have and what you have to do to change them permanently. Here’s the part where I shamelessly plug our new book ‘IdealShape For Life’ which does just that.

Anyone thinking about starting, actively working with, or having finished the Insanity Workout–along with a host of other great, albeit short-sighted fitness products–should take a step back and think about what you need to change after you’ve finished your transformation. How are you going to make this a life long weight loss? As we’ve said previously: yo-yo dieting can be terrible for your health.

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