Linda Acosta

Growing up, Linda was always thin (often too thin, she says). But when she had a serious back injury at work in 2010, the pendulum swung the other way. She became wheelchair bound and “the weight piled on.”

“I couldn’t walk, couldn’t do anything, it was very hard,” she says. Forced to be immobile and dependent on others, Linda longed to return to an active lifestyle with her husband. Eventually, that dream drove her out of her wheelchair and she started to fight for recovery.

“I was determined not to live my life like that,” she says. She joined the Shape Up Challenge, IdealShape’s free weight loss boot camp (delivered weekly via email), and “that’s what put it in motion,” she says. To change her diet, she started having IdealShake for one meal a day.

Sticking with her workout and shake every day, Linda shed 42 pounds and regained her strength. It’s hard to believe that just a few years ago she couldn’t even walk, and now she and her husband are getting ready to run a marathon together!

“Now I feel alive,”Linda says. “I got exactly what I aimed for.” Watch her #MyIdeal video to see how she’s loving her new life!

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