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Guess Who’s Joining IdealShape as Team Nutritionist?

It’s official. Fitness guru Lindsey Mathews is IdealShape’s new fat loss nutrition and exercise expert!

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Over the past decade, Lindsey has helped hundreds of people lose weight and build muscle. She’ll be creating brand-new exercise and nutrition plans to help IdealShape customers achieve their fat loss goals — in a way that’s fun, fast and long-lasting.

She’ll also be showing you how to use your IdealShape products for maximum results!

Who is Lindsey?

She’s an NSCA Certified Personal Trainer, Sports Nutritionist and National Figure Competitor (this girl is strong)!

She’s also a wife and mom to three kids who weren’t born with “skinny genes,” so she knows how to “walk the talk” when it comes to creating realistic, healthy meal plans and exercise programs.

Lindsey loves IdealShape products and she’s passionate about helping people achieve their #ideal. We can’t wait to show you what she has in store for you! Check our her short Q&A:

IdealShape: Who’s your typical client?

I would say it’s a 25- to 45-year-old woman, lots of moms. But I do have some guys. Most people I’ve worked with want to lose about 20-40 pounds. I have had clients that have lost up to 75-100 pounds. And some just want to work on losing a little weight and building muscle.

What have you learned about successful fat loss and body shaping?

Probably the biggest challenge is hunger and mindless eating. To lose weight you have to eat less, and when you’re eating in a caloric deficit it’s normal to feel hungry. But you have to keep it under control. So if you can find ways to manage that hunger, you’re going to be more successful.

What’s in store for IdealShape fans?

We’re going to show people how to build the shake and other products into a simple-to-follow nutrition plan tailored to their specific goals. We’ll have tons of recipes using our products — like a green smoothie with vanilla IdealShake to start the day — so you’ll never feel like you have to give up delicious foods and treats on the plan. We’ll also be revamping our 12-week Shape Up Challenge, so stay tuned!

We know you’ll love Lindsey as much as we do! See her in action over at her #MyIdeal spotlight.

Put Trainer Lindsey to the test and see what she can do for you with the 12-week IdealShape Up Challenge she helped create for you:

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